MK2 and ICSC(L)

Discussion in 'Staff College and Staff Officers' started by Danny_Dravot, Oct 17, 2005.

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  1. Word on the street is that if Offrs beige this yr and have not completed MK2 by next ICSC(L) they will be deselected and put back into the system as Captains?

    Is this utter arrse or am i correct in thinking that as well as being an Adjt, i have to cram in MK2 around an Op tour - but not at work, obviously, as it doesn't work, therefore i have to do it at home (assuming i have a PC at home), around kids/wife etc.

    I then have a 5 month un-accompanied tour at ICSC(L) to look fwd to....awesome

    To summarise:

    2 Tours in last 24 month, with another early next yr, followed 5 months at ICSC(L), in the meantime and try to get on PC in own time for around 10 hrs per week, whilst managing family????

    Anybody above rank of Col care to, or indeed, have the MORAL COURAGE to comment.....

    Don't bother with career enhancement, training opportunities, progression bollox either....

    Sirs... when you were in our boat, you spent your time p!ssing it up in Germany with the occasional 6-mother in NI...there is no comparison...4 moths on AJD and 2 yrs accompanied at snr school seem a much more pleasant alternative!

    ....enraged Goon and Mrs Goon!!!! :x
  2. Goon,

    This year's pre-ICSC(L) preparation included taking yourself through MK2. There is no exam, individuals are expected to do it themselves. A large number therefore might not have bothered. The package is timed at 24 hours work, and you are given the disk about 6 months early - equating to about an hour a week - IF you do it all. In addition you are tasked to do a 1000 word essay, based on your own experience and therefore very easy.

    Of course, this could have changed, but worth checking your sources.

    By the way, this years course is 8 months. I had heard in a brief from Glasgow that next years course is 7 months (not 5). You are not forced to be separated, and whilst moving your family for 7 months might not be feasible to you, it is your choice if you don't.

    As I said, this is only what I have picked up and experience from this years course, but don't get yourself worked up too much until you have it on good authority. (Then you can schimpf all you like!) :)

    I am not above the rank of Col, but at risk of sounding arrsey, last time I looked, no one was forcing us to do this job :)
  3. Q4 of estimate.........the situation has changed....ICSC, now 5 months and 2 cses per yr and it is mandatory that ICSC students have completed and passes MK2 pri to ICSC next yr.

    From pax i know, MK2 is around 100+ hrs, not 20 or so as quoted!
  4. Q4 of estimate.........the situation has changed....ICSC, now 5 months and 2 cses per yr and it is mandatory that ICSC students have completed and passes MK2 pri to ICSC next yr.

    In reality MK2 is around 100+ hrs, is user unfriendly and riddled with errors
  5. Goon, whilst I sympathise with you, there is no point in getting your knickers in a twist. Most of the elements that you are b*itching about can be done, even if you claim tobe so busy. Your domestic arrangements as pointed out by C_M are your own choice and you can go to ICSC (L)'s better than living in Roberts Hall and a 2x6ft shoebox, believe me! A lot of MK 2 you should already know. Don't fret and get on with it.....It's not that onerous.
  6. Maybe, but we didn't have to do it all......

    So, 100 hours and then 5 months. My maths is a bit rusty, but I make that less than the current 8 months (plus distance learning).

    Are you on holiday at the moment then?
  7. Sorry, i think you missed my wasn't the fact that the cse is 5 months, but that the cse is 5 months unaccompanied. the current ICSC had the option to serve accompanied...i know we're all busy, but to slap another 5 months unaccompanied serve after 3 op tours in 2 1/2 yrs takes the p!ss
  8. Stop whinging and sign off
  9. Don't worry, you probably won't get promoted anyway :cry:
  10. Hand your bedding in and see the Padre on the way out.....if you have time!
  11. dear oh dear......You've got no chance of passing MK2......if you haven't realised that Q4 of the estimate doesn't exist anymore, it is considered in Q 1 of the Combat Estimate (aka 7 Questions).....And in anycase I am sure you meant Q4 of the Mission Analysis. You should do JOTAC before tackiling MK2......back of the class!
  12. Burst Disk wrote:

    Has someone published a new 7Qs without telling me? I thought the change in situation was considered in Q2!
  13. Goon,

    The info I have is as follows (from OCDH) link:

    Additionally the internal MS brief to MCM Divs for prep for BL 06 gives the following information:

    Requirement for promotion is:

    All 3 MA Modules (unless there is a waiver granted by your MCM Div);
    MK2 is not needed for promotion;
    JCSC or AJD are considered to be in lieu of MA;
    You need 3 ARs as a capt with a positive recommendation;
    You need to have at least 18 mons RD as a capt;
    The last look is IPP minus 2 years;
    Need to be medically fit.

    You will need to complete MK2 as the start state for ICSC(L)3a or 3b.

    As far as ICSC(L) 3 is concerned the folloiwng may be considered useful information (link:

    pm me if you want more.
  14. Thanks Barbs...

    So, will quartering now be avail at ICSC 3a/3a for a 30 wk cse?

  15. So, 30 weeks equals 5 months does it?

    As I said, check your sources next time. And if you don't want the answer to a post, don't post it.

    Finally, a parting note - Look around you. Funnily enough, you are not the only one that it applies to. Additionally, there will definitely be someone worse off than you. Think about those with kids, that not only get a hard time from their wives, but miss a big chunk of their children's early years through ops and courses (that look a lot like courses they spent five months on as a senior captain).

    Bit of moral courage and soldier on.