Discussion in 'Officers' started by wg100, Aug 7, 2007.

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  1. I cannot, for the life of me, access the eMK1 site at the Defense Academy. The site refuses to load. I have tried the link from the 'education' page on Armynet: with no joy. Same goes for Googling.
    Is it my computer being crap, or something wrong with the eMK1 site?
  2. Their '.ac' address isn't working either. Given the quality of equipment and service provider that we apparently seem to prefer, I would imagine that the Academy Server is down - give it a try tomorrow.
  3. Yep its fecked was on it today for some research for an essay now it ain't playing

    Probably foot and mouth!!!!!!

    What did you want to know or were you just being studious???
  4. Just attempting to be studious. Sadly this only tends to happen once a year, so that's me done for 2007...