Aside from the fact that MK1 is meant to be fifty hours of study, what time period is it realistic to aim to complete it in in terms of weeks and months of spare time study?
I dont think many will do it in the 50 hours they believe is required. From the last I heard it was taking people about twice that. I took me about 6 hours just to read through all the material for module 1 and will need to spend at least that again to make sure ready for the relevant assessment. Suspect 100 hours may be closer to the truth especially for TA Officers as we cannot just block out half a working day per week as per the study guide to do it.
Depends on how you do it. I know of a certain Regiment who gave all of its subbies who han't passed MK1 the week off to study. However, they were all cooped in one room and actually made to study rather than thinning out to the mess and wandering around the place in PT kit.
Having said that, at the end of the week everyone passed the test, thanks to a rather enlightened policy by the hierarchy, and the fact that the entire Regiment on courses so the CO had the extremely rare luxury of doing this with his Junior Officers.
If anyone wishes to use this as a precedent to strongarm their sub unit/ unit commanders for a bit of time off in which to study for MK1, email me and I'll let you know more.....
Mmmm, MK1 eh?
Been told to register for an internet based distance learning jobbie to do this bad-boy piece by piece...where on the interweb would one find such a facility?

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