mk1 (v) site issues

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by barbarasson, Dec 4, 2006.

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  1. Is anyone else having difficulty accessing the mk1 (v) lessons? I can get onto the site, and managed to open the study guide, but the blackboard lessons seem to be blank.
  2. i've had problems looking at it with firefox. are you using IE?
  3. im using IE. I can access the lessons, but there's no content :roll:
  4. msr

    msr LE

    I can't help feeling that it was a major mistake to stop printing the books.

    If I hadn't been given a set by Darth Doctrinus, I would not have bothered staring myself blind at the computer screen and probably would have handed my kit in by now...

  5. and the utter tight-fistedness about giving out the CDs too, Has anyone got it up and runnning?
  6. I can't access the lessons either on mk1(V) using IE, yet mk1 (not V) is working perfectly.
  7. post a link and I'll try. I'd like to have a look anyway !
  8. Anyone with an ArmyNET account can access it but you can't post it over the internet.

    Barbarasson - Its not ideal, but you might save yourself hassle by just picking the relevent lessons out of mk1 (not V).
  9. I'm being dim. Where is it on Army net ? Resources ? A quick look nd I could not see it.
  10. The link is on the Home page, under Education (bottom left).
  11. VMT
    Got it.