MK1 hardcopy

Despite having produced a zillion printed sets of the Junior Encyclopaedia Of War (aka MK1), most of which are now probably in Wales awaiting conversion into loo paper, these gems of literature are like the poo of the rocking horse amongst the TA. Still, we need to learn the same stuff for the same exam. The online Flashfest is pants: more a design extravaganza than an effective learning tool.

So ...

Do any of you folks who have already done MK1 and JOTAC and who no longer need the crutch of having the boxed set of books beside your bed want to donate them to the deserving poor? If so, please pm me (rather than someone deserving or poor).

I've tried looking on Ebay but for some unaccountable reason no one is selling (at the moment, at least) even the RESTRICTED stuff. Most unusual.


Dr E - Either nae fcuker has one or nae fcuker likes you :lol:

Yeah. Was wondering about why tumbleweed was blowing through this thread.

If it helps, dear readers, I've already passed MK1 and already have my own printed set of the PDFs from the CD-ROM. Thing is:

(a) they're printed out single-sided on about 2,000 pages of normal A4 paper and so weigh a ton;
(b) a mate has asked me for them; but
(c) I'm not located in the UK at the moment and so wanted to find an easy (DS-stylee) solution to his problem.

So this thread sort of a mixture of selfless request and faff minimisation on my part.
Dr E - now that everyone realises it is not for you, there will be a flood of offers!! :lol: I would have thought that the person who would most likely to get his hands on this would be the tall, slim counting device. :)
Have the aforementioned hardcopy of the MK1 pack.
six odd books and a hanful of useless cd's.

My question is why do the books not cover all the topics that there are questions for?

ie first six questions on module 1 were all about the TA, the module 1 book never mentions the TA.
Is it me not reading the right module 1 or is it just not there?
Speak to 51 Scottish Bde the Adj there is running MK1 stuff and is giving out the copies of the pack. If you join the course at RTC in Edinburgh.

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