MK1 Access

I have just spend the last couple of hours trying to persuade the computer in the TAC to allow me to download flashmedia in order to view the MK1 lessons only to ultimately realise that this is not allowed by the system.

I despair. Now I know I have a cynical bent but surely the army hasn't produced a distance learning package that can’t be accessed over tanet?!
Believe it and weep.

Oh yes! I thought about putting this up before but glad (sort of) that someone else has seen the lunacy of this. I bet the company that sold it to the MOD told them it was 'state of the art'...

Never accuss the MoD of putting function before form...
They will asking you to do it on operations next....oh they do already. well at least those that sit in their office drinking tea and coffee all day never getting to smell the sweet aroma of the battle field will get the best results and get promoted early ahead of the battle weiry troops who have little time to do the research or even find a computer....rant rant rant

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