Mk 7 Helmet, what are the differences compared to the Mk 6A

Just been informed that on deployment in the near future the Mk 7 helmet ill be introduced... Not long had the Mk6A, so what is the difference and why the short roll out of the Mk6A?????
Mk 6A has been out for ages. Mk 7 currently (not 'the near future') issued. The main difference is that the 6A is black whilst the 7 is sandy coloured. Oh, and the front is different.
The MK 7 was roled out last year, It has a much better harness system so more stable on the head, the frount is raised slightly which is better for using your sight on your rifle and I think is is lighter as well but that might just be me as I only had one on for a short while.
Don't get me wrong mate my Mk 6 I had from 1993 until 2007... A 3 year cycle for a helmet seems a bit short that is why I ask..... Has anyone a picture of it as rumour says it is very similar to the US helmet.

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