mk 6a helmet bin it and get the mich in

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by secondtonone, Jun 28, 2007.

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  1. is there any point in issusing the mk6 and mk6a helmet when the majority of armed forces have opted for the yank mich style helmet that gives level 4 protection and has a far better fit and design to it?
    anyone used one and whats the results?
  2. Have to agree that the Mk 6a is not the comfiest, the reason for us not having the yank version could be down to money? Possibly just the fact that we've got it now so why shell out for another design?

    P.S. Does your username reflect your regiment by any chance?
  3. White band on the cap and red plume elsewhere eh?? Buttons in twos??
  4. yes days of old.
    does yours reflect on yours in the micks?
  5. The US helemts are much much better than ours it has to be said - the Mk6a whilst it does give good protection from SAF and sniper rnds (as proven on TELIC 9 too many times) it still is badly shaped and uncomfortable (especially when the chinstrap is wet nooooooo). It is a perfect example of a mid 80's design which was made by the lowest bidder and without much ergonomic design. That said it does give better forehead protection and is perfect for leaning on the sights of your rifle when stagging on...
  6. does anyone know of people buying a mich and wearing it with a uk cover in the same sort of way so many people wear the para version? I never have managed to get my mk6 to be properly comfortable!
  7. British military are not allowed to wear any other form of helmets. Para helmets are banned in TELIC and it would be the same for any other national helmets.
  8. I found the Mk6a to be a helluva lot better than the old Mk6. As Cowhead said, we are only allowed to wear issued helmets (not Para), and I'm more than happy with the Mk6a.
    I only wonder why it took so long to get rid of the bloody green string that used to dig into your head...

  9. No, but. Iraq 04. A Warrior was hit by an IED, the driver and Gunner were both hit in the head by frag from the IED. The driver, wearing a German Army issue helmet under a DPM cover survived. The gunner, wearing the issue lid died. The driver was well known in the unit in question for wearing said boxhead box and getting grief for it. Seemingly no one noticed he was wearing wrong helmet. The wiz report said, rather poo facedly, that it was not possible to test the ballistic performance of said German issue helmet. However.
  10. The Israelis seem to be in the same mind:
    Luckily there's a ready source of alternate combat helmet designed locally - Rabintex:
  11. Strange I saw quite a lot of SF guys running round TELIC with mich helmets on.
  12. Interesting article Dr. Evil.

    Which model is the German helmet mentioned earlier, anyone know?

    We've got the CGF Gallet helmet, which is similar in style to the PASGT. It's not too bad to wear, but weighs 1680 grams in size small, it's interesting to see that the Rabintex model is over half a kilo lighter.

    Is there a site where the different helmet models are compared anywhere on the net?
  13. Sadly not, sorry, I suspect whatever the germans were wearing within a 2 year period covers your bets. I'm fairly sure it will be a kevlar model!
  14. Yes mate, my helmet for years (early 90's) was US Army standard issue with a Brit DPM cover stretched over it.


    Here's a piccy of its first outing. Before I managed to get hold of the 'new' brit Mk6 cover.