Mk 5 assault boat.

Discussion in 'Tanks, planes & ships' started by Hardyboater, Feb 9, 2012.

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  1. Hi all,
    went to see a Mk 5 assault boat for sale,just wondering if anyone got any idea how much i should pay for it,they want £1000 for it,is that to much or a bargain ?
    Any tthoughts would be great,thanks.
  2. If you're referring to one of those flat bottomed aluminium things, then £1000 sounds far too much. They're shit.
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  3. Impossible,the MOD don't buy shite.
  4. 1000 sheets is rather a lot for something that sails like a skip.
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  5. As above, flat bottomed boat on anything other than calm conditions is shite. Its flat bottomed purely to beach level on the sand and to get in close to shore.
  6. How much is aluminium worth down the scrappies? I seem to remember they were quite heavy......
  7. I paid two grand for mine, but it had been used by the SAS in Afghanistan.
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  8. The OP might find it a good deal cheaper, and no less seaworthy, to see if there's a LWB Series III Land Rover hard-top on eblag.
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  9. Since when did a Land Rover roof keep water out?
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  10. For about the same amount of time as a Mk5.
  11. They fly surprisingly well, especially when driven over each other broadside at full speed during 'familiarisation training'. It's quite safe if you get down between the seats.
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  12. Fly? As in "Bernoulli's Theorem", or "Newton's Third"?
  13. More like 'Lack of Adult Supervision'
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  14. Seats? what seats? Don't remember having that luxury on the ones I used!
  15. Upturned aluminium boxes riveted to the hull, carefully pre-damaged IOT rip chunks out of unsuspecting buttocks during the desperate dives for survival mentioned above.