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Discussion in 'Officers' started by CaptainPlume, Jun 6, 2006.

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  1. The CGS wrote:

    So it's official - the CoC have admitted that change is needed. Thank Fcek I don't have to do it, though!
  2. Too true. Not having to give a siht about MK is one of the best bits of having signed off.

  3. Maybe they could put all the modules together over a set period, say at Shrivenham, and then get all the relevant Capts together.... no stupid idea
  4. I do have to do it - F@ck.

    The CO will give you time off work! B@llocks.

    You will be able to do it online! B@llocks.

    The tests are set up really well in a non ambiguous manner! Crikey moses.

    Have I finished it yet? Have I f@ck.

    Have I tried to do it? Yes, in that 'local' AEC that shuts at 4pm (6 on Weds!!) helpfully.

    Have I done it at home having got in at 7pm? Yes in deedee.

    Why not get rid of the 'do it in work time' lie, only the Army could get it this wrong, just look at DII/JPA :?
  5. Passed MK2, you beauty!!

    Didn't cheat either..... :wink:
  6. Why are some the questions so badly composed? did they get them written up in some indian call centre?

    I also call into question the whole open/closed book. clearly some people are bending the rules/integrity.

    So why not just make it open book. I don't see the point in making me remember a whole raft of infomation for a couple of weeks, test me in it, for me to then brain dump the lot is start cramming in more usless info.
    why not realise that in life you can't remember every fact, and you will in your proffessional career have to refer to documents.
    Hence why we have JSPs, TAMs etc.
    Rant off.
  7. Ladies and Gents,

    Help is at hand. I have read today the new directive on MK1 and it reduces the amount of work and the amount of time spent on it. The pass mark is also less and the questions have been made easier to understand. It will all be in by Dec 06 so I suggest you go speak with your admin office or Trg Staff and find out the changes. The best news is for TA punters as the workload it greatly reduced thereby making it far simpler and user friendly.
  8. Oh what a relief knowledge by lowest common denominator! I think the point is missed here: the style of learning and testing is poor yet the requirement for knowledge is high. Maintaining the style and reducing the knowledge is a worse state of affairs.
  9. Agreed SOA - more dumbing down?

    I'm currently 'mentoring' a few of the Captains at my location and I am astonished at the detail of the questions being asked, which is a good thing. What annoys me most of all is that none of these guys was given any time off by their COs prior to coming here, and now some have less than 3 months to get MK2 cracked in order to be able to Beige.

    Not saying it can't be done, but does everything in the Army have to be
  10. Darth -

    I think there are times and places to be asking for very detailed knowledge... In a situation where reference material is available (that which would normally be available in the relevant situation), yes - and put it under pressure of time to ensure people are basically familiar with the subject, but can use the reference to provide the exact detail. In a traditional exam situation, I'd argue that a general knowledge of the topic is more relevant - so you can offer some broad initial guidance before looking up the exact answer. As most people don't have total recall, it is a bad habit to pretend that you do, and answer detailed questions without consulting references - it's asking for you to make a mistake, which could potentially fcuk up the plan.

    Additionally, there should be a split between the examination of useful background information (a lot of the science part of MK1, or the machinations of the upper echelons of defence in MK2, for example) in which broad concepts are more important than detail, and the examination of key knowledge (which is possibly more difficult to define, since it will vary between cap badge and employment)...

    But as SoA said, it's the method of examination which needs changing much more than the course content (although if the mistakes in MK1 were corrected, it would increase confidence...)
  11. IN our line of work would you rather have 'a little bit more, just in case' or 'just enough, just in time'? And which variant does the CoC favour?
  12. The text of the policy (or at least part of it) is here

    So due to all of the complaints, they have taken 30% of the course out for Regular officers and 70% out for TA. How many years will it be before people start complaining that they haven't been taught enough?
  13. Intriguing choice of modules to be made reference only:

    1. The British Army
    Now reference only - but isn't it essential to have a grasp about what other cap-badges do?

    2. The British Approach to Ops
    Again, now reference only - but an outline understanding of doctrine is quite helpful.

    3. BG Capabilities
    Obviously, you need to know your own capabilities inside out, and those of those you support. But is it so crucial to be able to recall in depth knowledge about, for instance, AD or CIS?

    4. BG Science & Technology
    This is the one, for me, which should definitely have been reference. Being a spotter with a technical background, I found it reasonably interesting - but all I need to know about a helo is how to get in and out of it, how many blokes it can take, how to square away a HLS, etc. If I don't understand how it works, is that going to make me a worse soldier? Interesting background, useful to know certainly, but necessary to recall?

    5. Comd & Trg Tools (i. BG Comd Tools, ii. The Estimate, iii. Enemy Forces)
    Without a doubt Parts i and ii should be tested - and are actually pretty good for learning, too. I can see why they're not testing GENFOR but, to be honest, it's one of the things I've had to recall the most often... now what was the main armament of a BMD again?

    6. BG Ops
    No probs.

    I go back to my argument that there should be a test (in exam conditions) of some of the key all-arms knowledge from across the modules, backed up by a special to arm test, and some essays to test understanding of the material...
  14. Have nearly completed MK2. Best way to do it is to get loads of people together and go through the modules with mentors who are SMEs of particular areas - Bde led ones are useful.

    I do not like the way that the questions are out of date, they are not marked by hand and the fact that the pass mark is higher than a university first!

    Open book would be best!

  15. Having had 6 years on staff (including 2 at the College of Knowledge) I am about to take over as company commander. :D :D 6 years is a long time to be out of the regimental system and I am acutely aware of how little I know on MK1 and 2. For all those out there who have completed or are currently in the process of completing it any advice for a company commander / mentor? What help and assistance would you most have liked or did you find most useful?