Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by spankymunky, May 19, 2007.

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  1. I am a storeman in Her Majesty's Q&Ms Dept and I hear there is rumour of a new tri-service Logistics IT system called MJDI. Will this system be better than the last pile of pooh (UNICOM Q) given to us?

    What does MJDI stand for?
  2. Why doesnt this sound right??? :?
    Or am i being too cynical?
  3. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    It's a subsidiary of C&A.
  4. If you are in the Q and Ms which department exactly? The Qs or the Ms. I was in REME ,obviously, so I presume I would have worked with the M and Ts. Doesn's sound like a squddie talking to me unless things have changed a helluva lot soince I came out.
  5. spanky - that is not exactly how I have ever heard anyone refer to stores. Please stop sounding like a journo fishing.

    It stands for Management of the Joint Deployed Inventory. It is better than Unicom Q - in fact it is better than all the other systems currently in use in RN, Army or RAF. It exists and the first version of it is being used live on one unit (not Army). It has been developed by a Joint team to reflect needs of all areas.
  6. I seem to remember that MJDI is a project name and I think it stands for Managing the Joint Deployed Inventory, or something like that. I don't recall if it is hardware, software or both. I am sure that there will be an aspiration for it to incorporate or be linked into some form of Total Asset Visibility (TAV) system.

    The MOD (and indeed other government departments) do not seem to have a brilliant track record with new IT systems. In the early part of this decade something called the Defence Stores Management System/Solution (DSMS) was being developed. IIRC, that was abandoned at the £70M to £80M mark. That is of course much cheaper that other projects, such as BOWMAN and Nimrod, but its abandonment meant that numerous other legacy systems had to soldier on into obsolescence.

    Hopefuly MJDI wil enjoy more success.
  7. Mr_Logic - you are half right on all of what you say. Either check facts or distill a little. There are also vast differences between methodology, procurement and starting point for MJDI which means it cannot really be compared with previous attempts at Joint systems. TAV is a red herring there as well.
  8. OK, so I'm half right on all of what I say? That is a bold statement for you to make seeing as I don't think you know me or even a small percentage of what I say. If I said something that was incorrect or that you find contentious on this site feel free to provide facts or an explanation. Just criticising is negative and a bit pointless.

    "Either check facts or distill a little." What do you mean by that?

    "TAV is a red herring there as well." Really, why? Every LAND, DLO and RLC presentation I have been to that discusses the supply chain and mounting bridge seem to mention it as being quite important. Have they all changed their minds?

    I recall from a previous thread that you are an RAF Supplier. You questioned the Army QM system and yet did not claim to have served any time at RD. It seems here that something I said grated with you and your opinions. Was it that DSMS was cancelled or was it the comment ref Nimrod? The government does have a very poor record of IT procurement.

    Feel free to elaborate on your criticism and comments.

  9. Mr L - you have mail.
  10. As now do you.

    PMs are never as much fun as a public fight, sorry, debate, though are they?
  11. It's the dog's bollocks and 1,000 time better than UNICOM or GLOBAL or any of the other shite.
  12. Can you search for NSN's on it? We seemed to have lurched backwards in this most basic of tasks.
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    So when did you announce that you were Gay?
  14. You can.
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    Movement and Transportation (M&T) branch. Vital Johnnies in the HQ world.