MJDI - Consuming AinU ???

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by the_mentalist, Nov 28, 2012.

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  1. My unit has recently rolled out with MJDI (Rel 5), we have just been told that clothing items that are "C" Class are no longer to be held on an individuals personal holdings (1157), instead they are to be recorded on a daily issues sheet then issued off in bulk to a consuming AinU called "Daily Issues". Makes sense so far??

    The problem is, I have created the Daily Issues AinU and marked it as consuming, however if I try and issue C Class items to it, MJDI refuses and spits out an error message saying "Input condition for item materiel accounting class not acceptable" in other words, no C Class items can be put in this AinU! I thought that a consuming AinU was supposed to record P and L class items and consume C Class items? So why will it not allow me to place C Class items in there???

    The only work around I have at the moment is to CIV the kit from account, although this is not what the direction is, at least it gets the kit off the books.

    Any suggestions?

    Sensible answers appreciated.

  2. T_M,
    What type of AinU did you create (Technical, Personal Holdings or Family Quarter), what transaction did you usefor the Issue and what materiel condition?

    I just created a technical AinU (Consuming) and issued some C class kit to it (using the Demand form to effect the issue).

    The error seems to suggest that the Materiel Condition is not valid for a C class item. If I get time tomorrow I will try to find out what triggers that error.

  3. if the condition of the kit is e0 it wont exept it
  4. Shiny

    Thanks for the reply, like I say, we have just rolled out, so maybe I am doing it all wrong?

    The AinU was T (technical), with the available for transaction and the consuming check boxes both checked.

    I asked a neighboring unit who have had MJDI for a while, they told me to do an asset adjustment using the AinU radio button not account button, and select add to AinU as my Daily Issues AinU, then populate the fields with the NSC etc. It is at that point I get the error message.

    Is there another way?



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  5. i use the asset adjustment option and subtract from the acct you can do multi line items which is a little easier.my dekit bins a location too and not a anu but to be fair mjdi is not compatable with the clothing acct.
  6. 2merc

    The matcon of the kit is C.
    I am using the subtract from acct option at the moment to CIV kit off but like I said in my original post, that is not the direction that we have been given. Why will the AinU not accept C class items?


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  7. T_M ans 2merc,

    The advice you received is causing the problem. When you issue C Class items to a Consuming AinU they are struck off charge.

    What you are in effect trying to do by Asset Adjusting on to the AinU is receipt on a Class of item that cannot exist in that type of AinU. You will not be able to 'Issue' the item to the AinU (unless you have a valid demand), if you have the stock you can 'Demand' it using the AinU details in the Consignee field.

    I am not part of the BRG, you should contact them for the Official process, but that is what I would do.

  8. Shiny,

    That does make sense, by demanding the items on behalf of the AinU, will I still be able to issue off the items in bulk using an asset adjustment to AinU?
    Also, if I satisfy the demand from my stock, will MJDI automatically demand new stock to replace the kit I have issued?

    Bring back UNICOM!!! Lol


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  9. T_M,

    No need for Asset Adjustment, if you have stock of the item when you do the Demand, the stock will be issued into the AinU and be 'Consumed' .i.e. struck off.

    If you don't have stock of the item, MJDI will route the demand based on the search pattern and offer a solution. When the stock arrives and is receipted on, MJDI will offer to issue it to any outstanding demands. Accept the required demand details and MJDI will issue it to the AinU.

    As to demanding replacement stock, that depends how your MJDI is set up, but if set correctly it will place stock replenishment demands.

  10. Mate, I am a crab and not on your version of MJDI.. For what its worth, you issue a C Store to an Inventory but it will not go onto the inventory for someone to be responsible for, its a consumable, tape, glue, rivets, fuses, throw away items. P & L Stores you issue to an inventory and they go on inventory as someone is held responsible, Gearbox, pump, bed, i.e. they are not throwaway.

    Asset Adjustment is literally that, it highlights errors between your physical shelf stock and MJDI and is used to bring the two in line. This could be incorrect quantity on the shelf, incorrect Mat Con on the shelf, incorrect Serial numbers. Asset Adj will produce Auditable documents because you are either writing off or magically bringing onto chargein your store publicly brought and paid for equipment. Asset Adj is for Adjusting your stock not making issues to people or inventories.

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  11. If I remember rightly, you could not issue C class items into an AinU until version 5 came along (might be wrong). I think this was at the Army's request, God forbid not having the ability to track a tube of lip salve or a pad of scotch-bright which the other services could not give a toss about.

    I had done exactly the same and created consuming AinU's for all my depts and hey ho I could not issue to them because it is C class!! So I just created non consuming accounts.
    My dispersed account gets absolutely choked with C class expense crap because my QM dept issues on "fire and forget" mode (no need for the receipting account to accept the issue) in to my non consuming account. I spend my whole day subtracting from the Asset Adjustment menu.
    I can say MJDI at 1st line level is a ******* joke and "whoever" had this bright idea needs a good kick in the balls for creating a monster that produced 1000% more paperwork and requires 10 x more man hours for the same kit, cheers for that. I hope it get you your tick in the box for the year. Thank you all for JAMES and BLEHIEM tracking as well, please create some more.
  12. PLC1966A,

    Your version of MJDI does not have Non Consuming AinUs, as Glesga-Ned said, this was a Land requirement.
    <Pedantic Mode on> You should be using Asset Management to change MatCons <Pedantic Mode off> but to be fair I cannot remember for sure if Asset Management is part of Release 1.

  13. Glesga-Ned,

    The whole Ethos of MJDI is one system for all. Unfortunately, that does mean that where you used to have a simple system it is now replaced by a versatile system (that is compliant with the National Audit Office requirements) that can be used by all Units in most circumstances.

    If your QM's dept is issuing kit to the wrong Inventory so that you are having to Asset Adjust it off, you can either raise it with them now, or wait until your next Unit LSI and raised it with the Inspecting Officers (and drop your QM in it!). As PLC1966A said, asset Adjustment should not be used unless you have no other way of correcting the 'error'.

  14. However, what you wanted to do and what you needed to do were a long way apart. Having served in the guts of what is now MJDI and also having served in the guts of Land Equipment, I have been constantly amazed at how badly the Army accounted for equipment. This is a change of culture, especially for the Land environment, but it will make things a lot better. Saying that, the training burden for the Army is pretty heavy and will take a very long time to get working properly.