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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by bren_gunner, Aug 18, 2006.

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  1. First of all i know fúck all about fitness specifically the fitness thats needed for the army. But would i be right in saying that fitness for the army is a mix of running and physical strength and endurance. Anyway im trying to mix my workout routine up a bit from simply running and going to the gym. So would invite anyone (specifically people whove gone through army training) to give us some advice on how to vary training. Should i be running with weights in a backpack or doing 100s of sit ups or push ups. Im really not sure as to how i should go about training for the army and would welcome and appreciate any advice at all that is offered.

  2. Pressups aim for 44+ in 2minutes

    Hands shoulder width apart, body straight and head up. Bend elbows to lower the body to just off the floor, then straighten them up again.

    Heaves (buy a chin up bar from argos..go's in ya doorframe..only £8 an well worth it. Aim for at least 7 chinups

    Hang under grasp with the arms fully extended. Heave up until the chin clears the top of the beam. Lower under control until the arms are fully

    Situps aim for at least 60 in 2 mins

    Tricep Dips

    Arms straight, legs extended with heels on the floor, hands shoulder width apart supporting the body on a chair , which is firmly against a wall. Lower the body until elbows are at 90degrees, then return to the start position.


    Start off walkin if you're not as fit as ya should be.. its a gradual process..dont overdo yaself. Start increasin the speed of jog/run and distance as you get fitter, dont just run 1.5 miles, get used to runnin longer distances.

    remember aswell.. always warm up and cool down with light stretches
  3. Good advice.

    These aren't fantastic targets, they are achievable in a matter of a few weeks with consistent effort. So head down, crack on.

    That said, if you can reach that standard by the time you go (if that's what you are planning) you will be head and shoulders above most on your intake.

    Good luck whatever.
  4. The above chap stated the fitness tests carried out in the BFT (British Fitness Test) i think?

    If you go on the army website you can find the fitness requirements specific to what job you want to do in the army.


    Have a good look around the website and you should find what your looking for.

  5. i just typed a few bits out the book i got at the careers mate

    "get fit for the army"
  6. Thank you very much for the advice lads, that advice is now pinned on my wall. And tomorow its off to me local argos for a chin up bar. One other question if i can bother someone again. Before joining would it be advisable to start running with weight on my back, i remember one old sweat told me to go buy flour down in tescos and stick it in my bag then to increase the amounts of bags of flour i had in my backpack every week. Ive never ran with a weight on my back before. Any advice anyone has for this type of training i would greatly appreciate. Again many thanks for all the information

  7. I knackered me knee running with weight, too much too soon. Get used to runnin long distances first, preferably cross country ie in the hills or fields. If you can't find any or live miles from any, try a park. Road running puts loads of stress onto your knee joints and if your considering an army career, the last thing you want is knee pain. You'll get deferred or binned during your application if your medical forms report any instances of knee probs, I found this out the hard way.

    If you really want weight on your back, wait until your comfortable running cross country, or long distances, then start of with light weights, say 6 - 7kg ina daysack, find a hill and tab up it a couple of times. Don't just get out and hammer it because the likelihood is you'll end up hurting yourself, it happens to us all at some point.

    Good luck mate.
  8. Using google earth to measure yourself out a route of 1.5 miles is advisable aswell, thats what i did. If you can get some big hills in the route aswell is good. Ive stuck a good couple of big hills in my 1.5 run, i also run in the early hours of the morning (1-2am) so with both the hills slowing me down, and already bieng knackered at the end of the day - and still doing the 1.5 mile run in atleast the minimum time tells me i have a bit of leeway.
    the VERY minimum time for the 1.5 mile for infantry is now 12 mins 45 seconds. This is a joke and you should find it very easy to accomplish. If you try my above suggestion and can do it in atleast 12 minutes you should be ok.
    As above stated if your not a naturally fit person its best to start slow and easy, do a couple of long walks and stick a bit of jogging in there. Do NOT run with wieghts, people who are naturally fit and have been running for years still pick up injuries from running with wieghts.
    Good luck fella.