Mixed RLC values

Funny how the Royal family, Government officials and the England football manger can all have affairs and get away with it!. Yet a one off mistake can result in punishment for an un-named other rank. Double standards or what? :? Funny how the Troopy got away with a cushdie posting for commiting a similar offence.
I take it you are referring to the use of AGAI 67.

I have read it, and its associated documentation and find the principles, in essence to be entirely appropriate.

Personally, I don't think the values are questionable - more likely that the persons who fall foul of them have questionable values.

However, if a commissioned rank had committed a similar offence and received no punishment then, on the face of it, I agree - it does appear to be mixed values.

There is a redress procedure, and it is my experience that those who choose not to avail themselves of it know that they have done wrong.

Not that I am purer than driven snow you undestand - just lucky enough not to get caught !!!!
fatblerk said:
The clerk wasn't the problem, believe me!
Agreed!! HUBBA HUBBA!!

Ahem, seriously though...I'm reliably informed that it was the CO of the clerk's hubby who led to/insisted on things going as high as they did.

Officers seem to get off lightly though, perhaps it's classed as 'high spirits' in their world. :roll:
Anonymoose said:
what about the bald one humping his reporting officer? one way to get that elusive WO1 slot i suppose.
Blimey! A rumour I hadn't heard!!

Tell all! PM me if you want to be discreet.

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