Mixed Reception For Team GB's Olympics Kit

*snigger* The kit that Britain's athletes will wear at the London Olympics and Paralympics has a number of people seeing red - or not! The dominance of blue in the Union Jack motif has led some to question Stella McCartney's design.Among the doubters is three-time Olympic champion Bradley Wiggins who tweeted: "Oh dear, the Olympic kit!! "The kit, which will be worn by up to 500 Olympic and 350 Paralympic athletes, was unveiled at a lavish ceremony at the Tower of London.
Looks fine to me. The bird on the right forgot her tits before she put it on though.


Is Dwarf throwing an olypic sport now? every day is a school day!
Could save some money by making his kit from an old blanket, the velcro target would be easier!
Can someone give Jarrod a warning order.
**** knows who they have got designing all the olympic things.....what with that logo which looks like a kid drew it and now this "kit", its an embarrassment. Hopefully the actual Olympics will be better.....it should be at the price it is.
Looks to me like they took the England flag right out of the Union Jack - and maybe that's a hint - Bugger Scottish independence. maybe we should take England out of the UK
Interesting design, let down by a very lacklustre colour scheme.
Did she get paid to dream this up?
Looks like the sort of thing that gets dreamt up by the lunatics on The Apprentice.
That's a ******* beast of a moose-knuckle the lad second from right is sporting. Always embarrassing when your left testicle is actually a similar size to your pork sword though...
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