Mixed race chicks and my fourth reich

Now, when I start my fourth reich, my first order of duty will be to anhilate all chavesses, fat birds, stuck up rich totty, gobby tarts and none compliant women.

Seen as that has just done away with 99.9% of the UK female population, I have decided that the women in my eugenically perfect world shall be of mixed race (my fourth reich isn't racist, it just does away with every cnut that annoys me, so most religionists, politicians, civil servants and basically anyone that argues with me is gone)

I would say that the current world population has chucked up some stunners, but the main thing with them seems to be that they are all of mixed race.

Firstly, I give you Myleen

Then there is the bird in the new Scorpion King 2 movie, Karen David, half English, half Indian. Even though she looks good here, she looks a lot better in bondage gear in the movies.

Now I can think of loads more, but it would be a pretty pointless and very long post if I just listed them off.

So, my fellow eugenicists, I ask for your submissions of who should be allowed to live and breed. Must be mixed race though in order to be rid off massive earing wearing gobby chavesses.

For your info, my new fourth reich carries the "Starship Troopers" method of democracy. If you are or have served, you are allowed to have an opinion and to live. If you haven't, then I'm afraid it's either carbon monoxide or cyclon B for you.

And yes, I do understand the irony of eugenics, a reich and mixed race. It's the NAAFI, so if you were thinking of putting me right, go fcuk yourself and join the que for the "showers"
Thank you mien furher

is there a position going for selecting these mixed race wenchs that can live in the new reich ?

if so I would like to apply for said position and seeing as I asked first the job should go to me
I can't help it, and I know being a civvie i don't get a vote, but before i'm walked off for my 'shower' I would nominate

Kristin Kreuk

Edited for additional images. (sorry couldn't find any growler shots. ;-) )
lost_ulsterman said:
Quite possibly the only mixed race chick worthy of a poke.
All chicks are worth a poke.

Admittedly, some require more beer consumption.

As to mixed race. They tend to be more attractive.
can you give us an idea when this will be started?

just to give me a head start.

i will happily donate my baby batter to any white erm erm i mean pigmently challenged women in the hope of producing more mixed race chicks.


Kit Reviewer
My current favourite lady of ethnic diversity, and sole reason for watching T4 on a weekend, Alexa Chung:

And yes I'm a civvy, but my TA application is going in today and I should be suitable for the Fourth Reich in time for the revolution, with the added benefits of top notch procurement expertise that can provide an invaluable service to your empire.

Also I should just mention that it has been scientifically proven that mixing races results in far more attractive people. It's the logical extension of the fact that inbreeding results in freaks, and is supposed to encourage, at a genetic level, diversity in breeding. In other words, it is our duty as human beings to spread our seed as far as possible (I personally can clear a good 10' when I'm on form) for the good of the species.
Aunty Stella said:
Assuming you mean Zyklon B unless its death by silver metallic thing that fcuked over facemen in Battlestar galactica.

That aside, I'm all for mixed race totty and agree with Ski Carver about that Kreuk chick.

Assuming that if you were king and you'd escaped an assasination and leadership race by me that you'd let me have some powers of decision making and perhaps making the odd exception to the rule. How about Cheryl cole, on the proviso that her tongue is only to be used for bulb licking and anal cleansing and not to talk...... Saying that she may qualify being half English and half Geordie.

For those of you who may fear random shooting by Stella in his underpants, fear not, unless he has an area weapon he struggles to hit the sky when aiming upwards..... Stella in a thing truly is a treat to behold though.

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