Mixed Martial Arts & The Army

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by BellatorGero, Dec 27, 2009.

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  1. I left the Army earlier this year, but before I left I ad heard that a few units were creating their own MMA teams.

    Does anyone know if this has evolved any? Are units now competing with each other? I know that MMA is not yet recognised as a sport within the Army, but that shouldnt stop it surely?

    If anyone has any details please get in touch with me, I have started a fight-wear clothing company on leaving and Army MMA is something we seriously want to be involved with, on all levels, unit, corps, army etc...


  2. Sandy the Guv'nor's the man for any questions relating to MMA in the Army. However, if this is a business proposition, you're probably better approaching the MoD/Army directly.
  3. MMA will never be an army sport and the chances of them having inter unit shows i would say is pretty non existant
  4. We just want to sponsor individual units, as far as I am aware with there being no governing body in the Army, there won't be an Army side, so we are happy to talk to the individual units, or even fighters.

    We have spoke to the Sports Control Board, they tried but ultimately weren't able to help. So we are just trying to use ARRSE to find out if a mate of a mate of a mate is doing it at such a unit.

    We can but hope, or talk to the Guv'nor!
  5. Really? Despite the huge interest?
  6. Yes
  7. Sandy, why the differance between the British Army's views on MMA and the US Army, which has it's own MMA Championship, IIRC?

    Is it a differance in culture or simply a lack of money and manpower?
  8. Probably down to the British Army still being run by toffs. Scared by new and exciting things
  9. or maybe its because mma is a much bigger game in america and it is accepted by wider society more where as in the UK its Called KAGE FIGHTIN' and its a bunch of skinheads fighting each other in human cock fighting.
  10. I think your wrong on both counts there pal
  11. Idiot :roll:
  12. care to expand?
  13. Well in the UK it is known as MMA and it is also not not human cock fighting, the attitude that it is any more or less violent than boxing is one of pure ignorance
  14. Only people in the know refer to it as MMA the vast majority of people in the UK still call it "Cage Fighting"
  15. Its no more violent than professional boxing, but goes a lot further than the fairly restricitve amateur boxing. Given that the latter is the type in favour with the army, I can't see them taking a shine to MMA even if it is a great sport.