Mixed Dress??

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by Cuddles, Jun 25, 2006.

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  1. If you were the Gunner officer lucky enough to enjoy the hospitality of the Swallow hotel in Nairn last week, did you really think that it was appropriate to come to breakfast in trousers combat, boots and tee-shirt? The SMIG and your borther officer certainly didn't, as they were neatly turned out as they would be for breakfast in a mess. Not, in a mess for breakfast....

    Is this further evidence of falling professional standards or should I have made allowances for the person in question being an air defender? Seriously though, poor do or what?
  2. The poor do is the fact that none of those correctly dressed pulled up the oik and sent him back to change!
  3. I am hoping that the data provided whilst not imperilling persec or opsec will result in at the least a round of large drinks and a modification of dress standards in future. I didn't like to say anything at the time because after all the poor chap was on a major exercise and forced to bivouac in the hotel, which was obviously a trial and he didn't need retired colonels getting crusty on his ass!
  4. Retired septic colonels? Honestly - on his ass - You've been watching too many war films. :eek:
  5. I'm sorry but you have lost me..too many war films?? Very well VC, for your edification "I did not wish to chastise the fellow as retired colonels becoming crusty over the breakfast things can be oh so tiresome."
  6. Far better - you can't crust and jive at the same time you know.
  7. Was this tee-shirt military pattern in any way? I.e. sqn, tp etc.
  8. It was olive green. Plain CS95 issue, unadorned by tour, unit or other identifying marks. Nevertheless it would not matter a fish's tit if it had been. "Dressed is dressed, Mr Cuddles. Sort it or show!"
  9. Nothing wrong with crusty.. Standards are standards. What next turn up in his PJs?
  10. That's not what you said whenever I inspected the bag-of-shite-tied-up-with-string which is your usual turn-out. Where've you been anyway, you old pikey?
  11. The only conclusion I can come up with is that this Gunnery chap thought CS95 didn't do his rippling muscles justice.
  12. Last week I ran the sport relief mile in mess kit (complete with marcella shirt and properly tied tie)and no 1 hat (it was 'fancy dress' and for charity etc) but wore trainers. Should I be shot at dawn?
  13. Not for your efforts on behalf of charity, but mess kit and no 1 hat? Yes. but make 10:00hrs.
  14. I was outside, so I believe wearing of hat was applicable??
  15. Side hat is preferable and delightfully louche. Are you sure those were mess overalls you had on or comfy-fit stretchy Ron Hills?? As for trainers rather than Wellies or George boots...you should not be shot, you know however what you have to do Carruthers, we'll leave you know while you think things through...Good-bye.