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Mitsubishi Outlander - Diagnostic Code 21022 - help required


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I own a 07 Mitsubishi Outlander. On Friday, the 'ASC off - Service required' warning appeared on my dashboard.

I took it to a friendly local garage who ran a diagnostic and came up with the fault code 21022.

Unfortunately the garage doesn't know what this means and some extensive googling has failed to find out either.

Can anyone help me - I'm loathe to take the car to my dealer who is quoting £50+VAT just to read the diagnostic code!




Just checked;

"Ha-ha. A-ha-ha-ha. AHHH-HAAA-HAAAA-HAA-HA!

Should have bought a KIA Sportage"



Certainly a rapid response but not quite what I was after...

Does the Kia Sportage take a pushchair length ways in the boot?
Sorry. No idea about the pushchair, but there was some BFG-based Doris bumping her gums about how good the Sportage is on here a few weeks back; try her.
Maybe it's just a typo, should it be P1022?
Possible causes are
1. Failed engine oil pressure switch
2. Failed engine oil control valve
3. Open or short circuit
Have you tried calling a Mitsubushi main dealer and asking to speak to a technician?
Ho ho...you mean speak to an 18 year old apprentice fitter. Main dealers don't do "mechanics" anymore.

As for the code...would agree..should have a P.

As for "Should have bought a Sportage"...nahhh..Should have bought a Subaru Outback :)
If you've already got the laptop try getting a diagnostic cable from fleabay, mine was around £15 with a disc full of diagnostic software, worked a treat on SAAB, Toyota, VW and the heap of Ford junk I have now. Unfortunately you still need to fix things, if you just clear the code it will most likely return. Fault on VW was driving me nuts,kept coming and going, turned out to be the bloody brake light switch.

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