Went to Music in the Air at Middle Wallop on Sat night. Generally not a bad bash. Can anyone tell why there was no presence of any military aircraft at all? (Except a CFS Squirrel with Steve Underwood, Red 10, and the Reds but that doesn’t really count).

I have heard the Historic Flight were otherwise committed but the Eagles were available. Very odd for the only Army air show on the calendar now, not to have its home based display team performing.

Any light?
Must say our group noted the absence of Army aircraft. :( Pretty poor showing. However, once Pimms o'clock had passed a few times, we didn't really mind.

Did anyone else see the nuns? Dancing to Scatman? There's always one.... or two in this case! :)

Was incredibly unimpressed by the toilets. Note to whichever poor sod has to organise next years: Running water is a very good idea...... Considering the hand-disinfectant pump dispensers didn't work after 8pm, and I had to break the lids off them, reach in, and retreive a dollop of the stuff. Not good. :x

Altogether a successful evening!
Rumour is that the Eagles were not booked so they never flew, Guess people thought they might just perform to their home crowd without being booked !! Beats me, I thought we might see at least one AAC aircraft (Oh we did the Lx dropped the car).

As for water, good call padwife, but it involves digging trenches across the airfield to put the plumbing in, (the pipes cannot be laid on top due to public safety I believe - Oh and taxying aircraft would trip on pipes, and cars tend to flatten them as they drive over them). Any way back to the point, it requires the airfield to be dug up and pipes laid in, and Mr Prop man would charge an absolute fortune to repair such a lovely piece of grass.

Would of been nice to see the AAC strut it's stuff at it's own Avn show, even the AAC balloon failed to illuminate at the end !! Perhaps next year the Corps will take better care and use the oppertunity to sell itself.
litaman ref the trenches just get the jlc and smc to dig em ill give jams the nod :lol:

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