Misuse of office equipment

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by roseandpose, Aug 29, 2006.

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  1. Say this..er..friend of mine used a laminating machine to ensure that the usable life of some "paperwork" was extended, would that be classed as misuse of the machine? If I fed my beret through it or some such thing that that would clearly be irresponsible, but surely laminating art pamplets is preserving them for future generations, and therefore to be applauded.

  2. Wipe-clean porno mags sounds like a grand idea!
  3. So have you been sacked for laminating vintage erotica then?

    I suppose it really comes down to whether you can reasonably prove that it is indeed art and not anything else..

    If you were just laminating a bit of paper then why not - it's cheaper than photocopying it and then laminating it (by 5p) and gives the item an air of palimpsest. Maybe your employer is a bit retentive or just having relationship issues - maybe you (or erm, your friend..) should see this as an oppurtunity.
  4. official line, yes, if it's not for use for the business. my line, i agree with ukb
  5. It should be mandatory really...
  6. why not laminate the end of your kn0b instead? :)
  7. or laminate your face.
  8. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Surely it would be easier, in this high tech era, to simply stretch some cling film over your computer monitor?
  9. computer? what do you know of such things? get back to your big clunky typewriter, granddad :)
  10. I and 2 others have already patented wipe-clean porn. The idea for such a wonderful product was thought up in Batus 2003. Charlie and Simon are the other two to thank.

    We even had an advertising slogan

    "Wipe-clean Porn, for the W@nker in your Life"

    We then were going on to produce a "Porno Top Trumps" type card game; sadly the business model wasn't the best. :D

  11. Fecking hell, I'd love to see the faces over on BBC2 "Dragons Den" with that idea being presented to them :twisted:
  12. I know...err...one friend who has trimmed, laminated, double sided, map pocket sized porn. For those lonely moments in the turdis on Ops/Ex.

    Very handy.

  13. Is it NVG compatible though?
  14. ^ and IRR?
  15. All office equipment is open to abuse! Though the scalies tend to trace anything too outrageous on the phones or t'internet....