Misuse and misunderstanding of a "WAH"

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Pocoyo, Dec 18, 2008.

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  1. This may be slightly subjective but throughout my many years I do regard my self as bit of a Wah-er as opposed to wah-ee, meaning that I can't recall ever being succesfully wah-ed by a wah-er although I have dished out a whole load of wahs to wah-ees.

    Here on the pages of ARRSE almost any post that is suspect is met at some point with a single word post of "Wah", or sometimes a more elaborate "surely this is a wah", 9 times out of ten this is not an attempt at a wah, more likely it's just another bone post.

    Arrsepedia goes some way to explaining it but I feel a couple more examples of "wahs" will possibly help those that haven't quite grasped the concept and purpose.

    Example 1. The subtle wah

    Scene. In the crew room full of REME (it is 1000hrs after all), radio on in the background. Random song comes on the radio, let's say "shout" by tears for fears

    Wah-er (to no-one in particular but loud enough for everyone to hear) - "This is a great track, Depeche Mode were a great band in the eighties"

    Wah-ee (in a very smug and know it all fashion) - "err, it's not depeche mode it's tears for fears!"

    Wah-er - Wah!!!! One in the bag.

    Example 2. The blatantly obvious wah.

    On Arrse - Someone posts a picture of a Lynx helicopter and genuinely asks what it is. This in itself is not a wah attempt.

    Wah-er (in this case likely to be TLF or MDN) - will immediately respond with something along the lines of - It's a Hind Mk twelvety with full cloaking device fitted.

    Wah-ee - No it isn't, it's a Lynx.

    Wah-er - Probably won't even respond but is happy with the outstanding result and orders a pint.

    Like I said, it's subjective but I do come from a place where you lived or died by the "Wah" and even then some people just didn't get it, more surprisingly it always seemed to be the same mugs that fell for it

    Other examples more than welcome and I hope that this has helped somebody somewhere.
  2. Get a life.
  3. This has to be a Wah right?
  4. Pocoyo:

    you obviously have a lot of time on your hands, I hope somebody is noy paying you whilst you write that drivel!
  5. What is a WAH please??
  6. What is "noy"? Is that like a "WAH"?
  7. where i come from, if the waher lais the bait and the wahee says wah it reverses the wah back to the waher.

    Oh and if you do live and die by the wah where you come from, i suggest you put a 9mm wah in your head before you post on here again!
  8. I do, they are and you are welcome :)
  9. live and die by the wah!!

    where do you come from?
  10. msr

    msr LE

    No it's a bone post. Do try and read the thread ;)

  11. Surly the second example is a counter wah

  12. Wahoo.
  13. Ah Crime Story love that program
  14. [smug mode] NO, it wasn't Crime Story, it was POlice... er.... wahhhhhhhh!