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Misunderstanding of Blairs role.


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Hi All,

I've been reading a lot of posts lately on these boards concerning the 'leaders' of the army and people at the top, and there seems by many people here, and understandably, to be under the misunderstanding of what Blairs actual role is in this conflict, or indeed ANY conflict with regards the forces.

Just as an example, one comment was made in another thread that said, "To support our troops you actually have to also support the leaders of those troops (at least for the duration of the conflict)..and that's Tony B liar."

This is NOT the case.

Bush is President of the US, and as President he is CIC the armed forces, meaning he is the leader of those forces and the head coddy.

Blair is not President, he is Prime Minister of the UK, if you like he is a bureaucrat, a politician and the chief executive of the Government of the UK, but he is NOT Commander in Chief of the armed forces. He does not even have a rank as such. He is now NOTHING to do with the armed forces, nada, zip, zilch. He can send them, with Parliaments blessing, or he can bring them back, again with Parliaments blessing, but he has nothing to do with what they do inbetween. He isn't even privvy to the planning of the war in any tactical or strategic sense. The Chiefs of Staff are the commanders of the UK armed forces, and while they answer to him, or rather inform to him, he has no input.

This seems strange to some people when you tell them this, but is the case.

BTW: Technically, the Queen is the CIC of the armed forces, and also, technically, Blairs boss. She has the constitutional power to sack him as PM, and the Government, and bring the troops back.


Yes maybe but Churchill set a precedent back in 1940 hiring and firing the Chiefs of Staff as though they were navvies on a building site so the Prime Minister, if the PM has the character (s) he can have as much power/influence as the US President, if not more due to the flexibility of our constitution.  Churchill constantly involved himself in the planning of operations and it was not until Alan Brooke became the big cheese that some sort of control was wrested out of Churchill's mits.


Kronos has a point about Churchill and Alanbrooke. In Alanbrooke's excellent "War Diaries 1939-45"  he suffers constant and potentialy dangerous interference in Military decisions from the PM. Alanbrooke was a strong enough personality CIGS to make Churchill see sense. In time they came to respect each others abilities and worked very well together. Churchill was a great leader and I admire him immensely, but he was not a General.

It's an open secret that the current CDS, Admiral Boyce, is stepping down early as a result of his refusal to Kow-Tow to the politicians. I suspect that there have already been a number of issues that our Generals have clashed with the politicians in the course of the fighting. These will leak out eventually, they always do.

My point is that politicians will always try to influence and control military decisions to suit political priorities (the current Rumsfled/Franks rumours being a prime example). Our Government, I'm sure, is no exception to this tendancy.  
At least WSC had experience of being a soldier. A product of the RMA Sandhurst, he served in the 4th Hussars and also as the CO of the 6th Bn Royal Scots Fusiliers in WW1 after the ill-fated expedition to Gallipoli.

Herr Blair has never served in uniform and this is patently obvious every time he opens his mouth. The "execution" of the 2 Sappers will haunt him for many a long year!


War Hero
There's a few interesting points made here, but there are equally interesting pointers to be made.

Firstly, this isn't WW2, and secondly, by no stretch of the imagination is Blair, or will Blair ever be, a WSC.
I'd love to see Blair tell PoD how to do his job. You could just imagine the cohorts of fallen angels aligned to the Dark One descending on Blair's poor, wretched soul as it is consumed in the fires of hell.  :eek: Fantastic!  ;D

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