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Mister Davis' Lahore Adventure


Hello Everyone,

Two know more than one and the collected knowledge and capability of Arrse is a force to be reckoned with. As some have found out to their shame.

Which is why I post this here. In a newspaper (the Rotterdam newspaper NRC) I read an article on a certain mister Raymond Davis. This sceptic caused a bit of an uproar when he, while on his way through Lahore, shot the passenger of a motorcycle and later the driver who ran away. He claimed self-defence, but shooting a running man in the back is stretching that term quite a bit!

Things got stranger when Davis then used a military radio to call for backup, which arrived in the form of a Toyota Landcruiser with blacked out windows and false plates. This car had such a hurry to get to Davis that is screamed down the centre divide and ran someone over (a make-up seller, it seems).
By the time the Landcruiser got there, Davis had already legged it and was highjacking a car a bit further off. After that he dumped some interesting items: a Glock; some 100 9mm rounds; gloves; knives and a blindfold.
Police also found some nice stuff in his car: Big boltcutters; a telescope; IR optics and most importantly, a digital camera with pictures of military installations along the Paki-Indian border.

Oh yeah, the motorcyclists' wife killed herself with rat poison! What a way to go. I heard that's painful...

Now it seems that Barry is in dire straits because of this. What is a diplomat doing killing people? Davis claims the motor cyclist and his passenger tried to shoot him. This may be so, but what reason did they have to do so?
And what about Davis' status? The Pakis don't seem to think he has a (or sufficient, diplomatic protection in the Vienna convention don't protect again everything) diplomatic status.
What found about this Raymond Davis is that before he went to Lahore to work in the US consulate there is that her worked for Blackwater and late its successor Xe. His official job is in the 'Adminstrative and Technical staff' of the Lahore consulate, but the US have already admitted that he is CIA.
But is he, or is this admittal (sp?) the best way to contain the damage?

I'm intrigued by this case and by the heights to which people are now running around in figure-eights and bumping into each other. Obama's mate Kerry (yeah, that one) is now negotiating with the Paki govt to get them to agree that Davis does fall under the Vienna convention and that they should let him go.
But while he is in prison the US have gotten the Paki's to disarm the 36 immediate guards and Davis' food is tasted by dogs (imagine the way his slobber looks when it gets to him!) before he eats it. This is ****ing serious!

Does anyone here know more about this?

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