Mistakes made over 7/7 reaction - BBC

'Home Office Security Minister Tony McNulty has admitted the government made mistakes in response to the 7 July bomb attacks in London.'
'He said one of these mistakes was Mr Blair's argument that people must be ready to accept reductions in their civil liberties in the fight against terror because "the rules of the game have changed".
Echoing Tony Blair's phrase on dealing with terrorism, he said: "Actually the rules of the game haven't changed." '
I'm gobsmacked - a gummint minister actually talking sense on the subject of the "war on terror".

Make him PM, quick, before someone gets to him.
And Jack Straw banging on about the self-defence laws in the same week? I smell election...
Liabour haveing second thoughts funny how they didnt feel strongly enough to chip up with some words of caution before still the Big Boys made them ..........

Wonders if jacko gets royalties on that excuse .......... :x :x :x :x

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