mistakes can happen

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by rampage, Jan 31, 2008.

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  1. hey,

    someone i know wanted to join the army so he done his medical but failed due to a heart murmer, however, his doctor checked him over and it showed no heart murmur. Just shows that they CAN make mistakes....

    however now hes training in AFC harrogate...

    for those of you wanting to join, make sure you get checked when you are diagnosed with something, just in case lol...

    by the way, just out of curiosity, is it true in your medical do you get your testicles checked? if so, why???

  2. Depends on the Doc, really. Some are gay and like to play with your balls, some aren't.

    Hope this helps :D
  3. The Medical Officer will gently feel your balls and rub them on his chin as he takes your full length into his mouth for your semen check.
  4. isnt it to check if your balls have dropped..when i got mine i stood an asked what the sign on the wall meant, so he left me standing there naked to figure out what this sign meant. i got asked to do press ups too..but he didnt ask the guy i asked if he had to do them, so i was a bitty paranoid after
  5. As I said, some are gay, some are not.

    Was he above you or below you when he made you do pressups?
  6. What does it meen if he stickshis finger upyour bum ?????
  7. To quote a health site: "The doctor isn't exactly "cupping your balls" when asking you to cough, but they're checking for an inguinal hernia. The part of a man's body wall just above the scrotum is a weak area where men can develop a hernia, which is an abnormal opening in the body wall that lets abdominal fat or a loop of intestines go where they should not go. When you cough, you are putting pressure on the abdominal contents, and if you have a hernia, the doctor will be able to feel it there when you cough. They're most commonly present in babies or young boys, then start happening again in middle-aged, heavier men, smokers who cough more, or guys who do a lot of heavy lifting, though can happen at any age."

    But... if you're happier thinking it's because the Doctor is gay, crack on!
  8. What?? Ahem well it may well mean hes gay and fancies a bit of action. tip if this ever happens run away or punch him in the face. Hope this helps :x
  9. It means your Space Bar isn't working correctly.

    Again, hope this helps, I'm a regular font of knowledge tonight!!! :D
  10. so why do you have to do the same thing for the doc?
  11. standing beside me with his hands on his chin, which he hadnt watched after touching my balls an dick....id had a shower an stuff but i still had to pee in a cup, i duno about you guys but i dont stick my dick in the sink to give it a wash after a piss.......

    he didnt wear gloves either, maybe he prefered the feeling of skin on skin.
  12. Are you sure it was his finger? Or is that what you want to believe? :lol:
  13. Re tests:
    Checking testicles can be for hernia (described above) but can also be for checking variocele (varicose vein on testicle, causes sterility) or hydrocele (fluid swelling, can lead to impotence). Often the doc will "transilluminate", i.e. hold a medical light behind the scrotum. Military docs can be good. Last military doc to check me was good, she spotted hydrocele that my civvy doc had not noticed. It then was monitored until I had surgery before other problems developed.

    She does the finger in the arse routine to check prostate gland for cancer etc.

    None of this is fun but wait until you hit 50 and they decide to do a colonoscope (sp?). They put a few feet of plastic tube with a wee TV camera up there (after 24 hours of no food and tons of laxative)

    See what you have to look forward to! You don't want advanced prostate cancer or colon cancer. I am pretty sure you would not want hydrocele to advance to the stage where it causes impotence (I certainly didn't, surgery good option) Therefore you put up with all this.
  14. Hmmmmmmm hard one that.

    If they had the decency to provide female docters (attractive naked and preffably 21 with reasanable tits) then im sure me along with other guys wouldent mind going for the testi test. 8)

  15. No,not a hard one, fairly limp at that time, probably due to all the white coats, needles etc. She was really cute though, blond, trim, & young. US Navy doc on loan. The doc the previous several years was about 9 months pregnant every time I saw her. No idea how many kids but had to be lots. The Navy doc was much cuter and also very good doc. The early diagnosis of the hydrocele meant I got the surgery before I had a pair the size of grapefruit and before the impotence thing could start.