Mistake leaving - whats his options?

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Rincewind, Feb 8, 2006.

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  1. My Cousin joined the RLC as a Driver - was his all time dream. 17 years old, passed out at Bassingbourne - we went to watch him.
    Went to trade training and was about to be posted (got his movement order) and then signed off!

    "someone told me my next posting was crap, so i signed off"

    now - 6-7 months after and still no civ div job he realised he may have made a chuffing big mistake.

    Question is - whats his options? his Major said before he exited... call me when you change your mind in 2 weeks.....

    he has left it a bit longer than 2 weeks and has since lost her number....

    Who knows what avenues are open to him at this stage?

    Will he have to redo Basic?

  2. Cheers - i already knew that and i cant get to the careers office for a couple of days so i thought i would ask here :)

    would he have to redo training?

  3. Depending on length of time out he would probably need to do some refresher trade training.
  4. It takes all sorts... :roll:
  5. i know i know - we tried to steer him into a different trade such as driver lineman or driver electrician but alas on the entry test he got his name right and nothing more - it was RLC Driver or "bullet sponge"


    Best part was - with all his licences and HAZMAT in his mit upon walking out of camp gates (at 17 years old) he thought he would get a job driving lorries no problem.

    he finally realised that in 1 UK CIV DIV - you need to be 25 to drive them big arrsed trucks cos of insurance stipulations.

  6. I did the same after 3 years service as a youngster, but it took me 6 years to realise that the grass in CivDiv wasn't that much greener. I re-enlisted (albeit after 3 years in TA) and went direct to my unit. No refresher training what-so-ever. I went back in at the same trade level as I left, although I had to go AGC(SPS) because the Regimental Clerks had all disappeared in the intervening years - and don't get me started on the mistake THAT was.