Missuss Birthday

Its her indoor's Birthday tomorrow, and Im stuck at what to put in the card.....

Any suggestions? :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

(Oh, and before anyone asks, its not Maddy, I dumped her. By dumped, I of course mean buried)
does she know any of your ex's?

put one of their names in it, with something like 'with love, forever'

thatl feck her right up. watch her destroy herself with paranoia
spunk......knock one out, aim at the card, close it, let it dry then tell her theres fifty quid inside and amuse yourself for hours watching her trying to prize the fecker open!!!
Happy Birthday to You
I'm cheating on you
I have been since Christmas
Those rumours are true

Your friends warned you of me
I'm afraid they are all right
Six men from the leather bar
have been making me airtight

Happy Birthday to you
I like men too
Sadly your infected
I've been gulping bad glue
Airborne_Aircrew said:
Assuming she showers... :wink:

I like to hang a little trinket in there... Then go to work pretending you forgot about her b'day... You reap the rewards later... :twisted:

That'd definitely get you a few Brownie points. Who said romance is dead :D

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