Mississippi proposed ban on the obese eating in Restaurants

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Psypher, Feb 11, 2008.

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  1. Bit pointless really. Why not start hammering the causes of obeisty. ie, more chances to exercise and bring in laws reducing the fattiness of food.

    What next? Banning people from certain establishments because of their race, creed or color?
  2. Mc Donalds will go out of business
  3. They should start by removing corn syrup, which seems to be in every US-produced food product.
  4. Seriously though, banning your best customers wont be good for business.
  5. I don't reckon they should be banned from eating in restaurants, just banned from driving everywhere. If they move their legs as vigorously as they move their jaws, problem solved.
  6. Na, they've only just got rid of that down there! 8O
  7. No, they eat more, therefore the profit margin goes down the pan (literally!).
  8. Fatism is the new racism.

    Its acceptable to hurl abuse at even moderately overweight people now, but most pay their taxes, work, are law abiding, don't mooch off the state or try and tell everybody else to be fat, as it is their 'Gods will'

    Leave fat people alone. If they want to lose weight, they will work it out for themselves. I did.
  9. Well they have already demonised smokers and have legislated against them so they have to have another visible target.

    Drinkers are difficult to spot normaly so an easy target is fat bastards.
  10. You have to consider here that they mean obese by Mississippi standards. Michael Moore goes there to feel thin.
  11. Bit like banning gamblers from casinos.
  12. It is only a money saving ploy by the cafe owners.

    They want to offer those "All you can eat for $4.99" type deals but the tubbies have been eating their own body weight (and thats a LOT) in food three times day and they are going bankrupt.