Missions of trying to get on to the Student Nurse Board....

3 years later and I finally get a Selection date...

Seems too good to be true!! For all those still waiting to get one...lifes a b*i*t*c*h ha ha!!

Big ta for all those lovely Officers at the QA's that finally gave in !!
you've not been selected yet, so until you have, wind your neck in, you've only got an interview. :twisted:
gooseman said:
you've not been selected yet, so until you have, wind your neck in, you've only got an interview. :twisted:
Oi, oi!! No need to bump gums at me, only saying!!! I fully realise I haven't been Selected, might not even get my little toe in the front door but this is progress!!

Honestly, good job I can do banter isn't it!! You get abused for just sneezing on 'ere :wink:
NewNurse said:
You get abused for just sneezing on 'ere :wink:
Bless you. Hope you put your hand over your mouth, going to be a nurse now you know, or maybe.

Honestly, if you want any advice or want to ask some questions, I'd be happy to help. :)
Awww ta, gotta be careful don't want tp get my minging germs anywhere!

Not that I'm minging of cause... ha ha. Made myself sound like an unhygienic bint now.

Seriously, ta for the whole advice thing. See...you Squaddies/Squadettes do have "fluffy" sides and you aren't all armified/militarised!! Even though word on the street is you have any "fluffyness" beaten out of you at Basic...didn't mean literally!!

I've done 2 years of DIP in Nursing already at civvy uni (boo) but Army is what its all about.

No guarantee that I'll pass the Board but just proper made up that I'm blimin on the thing at least!!
When is it that you're going to see the Nursing board?
I'm going in February and I'm absolutely sh*tting myself, already! I couldn't be more nervous, oh but well done you though anyway! :D
Ta don't _rememba. Well done to you too.

Umm quick question...the "official" Nursing Selection Board is at the end of Feb, however there is a 2 day pre-induction at Frimley hospital/Camberley (QA headshed) in November which you have to attend, if selected. I think they choose about 30 candidates for the November Board, and get it down to 20 on the Feb's Board. Have you had joining instructions for the Board in Nov??

No one else seems to have had them!! Think I'll be a billy there.....
No, I haven't had any joining instructions for November.

All I have been told, from my recruitment office when they were last in touch with me, is that I have been put forward to see the board in February, well 15th Feb they said. They told me that all the places on the November board were full so i would have to wait!

I don't know anyone going to either board selections, so looks like I'm a billy too... but I think I'll get over it. :D
I'd call the ACIO if I was you....the November Board isn't the "official! Nursing Board, the one on 15th Feb is.

The Nov Board is a pre-Selection Board to determine how many Applicants will be taken to the Feb Board, i.e. whittle the numbers down.

To get on to the Feb Board, you have to sit the November pre Selection Board is what I'm saying!! Confused.com yes, but best to get things squared away or you'll end up waiting til the next Board in July 07.

Let me know what the score is, be good to see you there!

theres a lot of misinformation going on here!
New nurse and DRDH you really need to ring the QA recruiting team, one of them has read your posts and says you both should ring her ASAP.
ive pm'd you her number

TOTALLY confused......

The bumpf I'm qouting is from the QA's recruiting team directly.
So have I been told the wrong info by Careers office AND QA's??
make the call, get the actual dates.

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