Mission To Africa - Just What The Doctor Ordered

An interesting story about how a RAMC Lt Col has been seconded to the Sierra Leone army to set up a military hospital.

Lt Col White said:

"This is the only military hospital they have.
Which is one more than we have.
This smacks of Pravda fodder from MOD Oracle, I'm afraid! In Sierra Leone the RSLAF Military Hospital is where you send people you don't like. Certainly when I was taken ill in Freetown I was very, very relieved that I was taken to the Jordanian run UN Military Hospital further up the hill, where you had a far better chance of seeing the following day(although it was quite disconcerting having half a dozen Saddam lookie-likeys gazing up my back passage - strange treatment for an ingrown toenail!) The RSLAF hospital was in a hell of a state a couple of years ago, and I wouldn't trust any of the locals to look after my health, so I sincerely hope that the IMATT lads and lasses are still looked after by the Jordanians. IIRC, most of their Docs were on sabbatical from their Harley Street practices.
You got summat up your back passage of interest to the international medical community, then?
We should be told!
An ingrown toenail apparently.
Post a picture. Any number of NAAFI denizens here who could tell you how to deal with it. Or cook it. :)

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