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Mission statement

Thuggery buggery rape and the removal of Her Majesty's stores without prior consent or approval.

Joking apart, in my day it was something like "to close with the enemy and destroy him, by day or by night, in any weather and in any terrain." The Americans have probably re-written that for us.

Can anyone remember the 9 Principles of War? (we all remember the Master/First Principle of course, erm, don't we?).
Close with the naafi as early as possible, deny access to steak and kidney pies and mars bars to any other unit , destroy all opposition in local bars and brothels , above all deny. :D


Book Reviewer
Pam3 Infantry Platoon Tactics said:
The Infantry Mission is —
‘to close with and engage the enemy in all operational
theatres and environments, in order to bring about his
When I was a lad (more years ago than I care to remember), and a STAB infanteer Private, the mission of the infantry was:

"To close with the enemy, observe him, and destroy him".

Many years later, when I had become a Principal Scientific Officer (imaginary equivalent rank of full Colonel, ferchrissake) with an MoD agency based on top of a hill somewhere in Kent, I saw a poster on a wall in the establishment giving what was then the mission of the infantry:

"To close with the enemy, and act in such a way as to bring about his defeat"

to which some wag had added in marker pen

"...if that's OK with everyone and nobody gets hurt".

All the best,


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