Mission Impossible 3

I`ve seen MI3 and I think it is

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Mr Happy

Just so you don't hold your breath. Its pants.

Went with Mrs HD last night, who is something like 9.5 months pregnant and the even the little 'fanny tearer' went to sleep.

I kept waiting for it to get good, but it didn't.

Similar stunts to number 1 and 2 and no new ones.

Other points that stick out are:

Cruise is 99% of the face time of the movie. Maybe 98% but otherwise its every shot in every scene.

His character develops a 'true love' (as opposed to his hollywood love I presume). Yawn.

They fail to capitalise on the en gunship scene (shoots 3 AA missiles whilst chasing a Huey through a wind farm in about 5 minutes without resorting to its 20/30mm gatling)

The rescue in the factory uses 'robo-guns' which could have been interesting except they were viewed from one angle (ground facing skywards as tracers flies into second story

The opening scene is a 'what happens later' retro thing so you spend the entire first half of the movie waiting for it to come along. And deliberately not caring about the character that gets the good news, which rather spoils caring about the love element.

Cruise 'breaks out of captivity' at least twice (well it did work in 24 series 1, 2, 3 and I presume 4 so why not ehh...)

Despite having the opportunity to twat one of the two main bad guys he runs off leaving him unconcious...

Cruise teaches a character how to handle the berreta 92F with arguably the worst SAA lesson I've seen in my life, forget EDIP's, it was ED and she still manages a reasonable mag change and shooting prowess.

Oh yes, and the thing with the electrics, please.... Like that would stop a chemical reaction...

Still kudos for Cruise running around on the rooftops without any wires etc.
During the bit when he was chasing the canister of toxin along the street under the wheels of cars, my mate turns to me and says 'whys he bothering, it's only china'
8O (the views expressed by my mate are his alone, and not the views of a wider body)

Only good bit in my humble opinion was the bit in the vatican, with the whole team working. Better than the second, but not a patch on the 1st.
I much prefer the first one still, even if it still takes you a few years to work out that bit in liverpool st station.

Can't beat Jean Reno, despite him being french.

BigJobs said:
Can't beat Jean Reno, despite him being french.
Actually he's not! He's Moroccan by birth and Spanish by blood. He didn't move to France until he was 17!!!!

I know, I know. I'm a twat!

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