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Discussion in 'RLC' started by evilone, Aug 25, 2005.

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  1. Does this thing exist, or is it like a unicorn or other fairy tale creatures? Has any body ever seen it?
    What does it look like?
    Does it hurt?

    I dont think it really exists!!
  2. I've heard its either there or its not...one is micro managed or left on ones own with no direction whatsoever. Any other theories? :?
  3. I have that if you try it without some kind of permission from a grown up, your head get removed!

    I thought I would try and find it, then I heard the grown up want my head in a case. Is your grown up like this?
  4. You see Evilone, Mission Command is a two way process, that's why trust and mutual understanding are in the principles. I'm not saying it's all your fault but if your leader doesn't appear to feel able to exercise Mission Command when it comes to directing you perhaps you should take a look at what you're doing about it.

    Mission Command provides a subordinate with a framework to work within. It's not a licence to do what you like without permission, only informing your commander what you have done after the fact. Communication is a very important part of Mission Command, constant communication where possible, not just delivery of orders followed by silence and a hope that everything is going OK. Communication is required in both directions if unity of effort is going to be achieved.

    Take a scan at ADP Land Operations, Chapter 6.2, page 115-122.
  5. oh too scary for me I will just hide and pretend that Msn Comd is a mythical character. Much nicer that way.
  6. 1 Commander has to be willing to allow subordinate comds discretion to achieve the effect he has specified

    2 Subordinate commander shows he can be trusted to achieve that effect

    3 Commander has to accept that mistakes can and will be made and use this as a learning experience not as grounds for crucifixion

    4 Mutual Understanding and Trust developes between the two.Everyone,hopefully, feels empowered,gains in experience,enjoys greater job satisfaction and makes the Unit more professional and effective as a result.

    5 The next Commander turns up,turns out to be a micromanaging ****-obsessive cnut and the whole thing goes down the tubes :evil:
  7. I think someone has been reading BMD or the Doctrine review for too many bedtimes. Since when did effect matter a jolt? No-one cares about the effect of your output simply it's volume and at what time of night the e-mail was originated!
  8. OK,got me there.You're right :(