Missing TV Presenter Found Dead - Mark Speight

The_Rattler said:
bugger whats my son going to do now for tv education
Could try to do a big picture little picture out of cocaine.
He's been found in Paddington, according to the BBC website he was last seen on CCTV monday getting on a tube that runs there.

Surely someone would have noticed him, or was he mistaken for a Heathrow T5 passenger waiting for the link?
This isn't the NAAFI, but if it was I would have to say:

That's not very SMart. :mrgreen:


Ithankyou! I'm here all week!
deSTABlised said:
That's not very SMart. :mrgreen:
People like you make Arrse fcuking gold! :D

On a positive note, i remember watching him as a wee kid on smart and i assure you all it is no loss to the human gene pool.
Two young people dead in the prime of life, him and his ex , i think its very sad and i dont usually do sympathy.
Not suprised really, there have been a speight of these sort of deaths lately.

Too much?
yes its a bit of a bummer, I watched her dance around on tv while my son followed the advice of drawings and paintings from him
Why is this on ARRSE?

The only place for it would be the NAAFI.
He might have been a kiddies entertainer but he knew fcuk all about hide and seek ... Maddie and Shannon had him beat by a huge margin ... 5 days ... fcuking amatuer!
Rest in peace brave and valiant soul

May the cast of Balamory sing songs, write ballads and send you on your onward journey to eternal happiness.
Snowed under......................


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