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Is it me or do we have a particularly sensitive Mod on at the moment who seems particularly afraid of offending the P C brigade? The thread on the Ivory Coast fiasco appears to have disappeared as had a few posts on it earlier!
This is ARRSE not the Womens Institute or the Girl Guides, pointing out that atrocities and things like Rape, Murder, arson & cannibalism happen in Africa is surely no surprised even to the most naive contributor, using Black humour likewise should be no surprise to anyone here! Obviously someones sensibilities were upset, perhaps they should learn that shit happens, especially in Africa, making light of it is just a way of coping with it!!
the jeremy clarkson thread went away as well
I think there's some weird thing going on, where if you post on a thread (or view it?), it disappears from your view of 'recent posts'.
poo I had a really funny picture in that clarkson thread, I want people to tell me how great I am
Your Greeeeeeaaat, ok happy now

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