Missing thread in Health and Fitness

COs - any idea why? There's a google cache of it, and unless someone got really angry about 5/3/1 we weren't remotely being contentious.....

Not a problem if it's a ghost in the machine, we'll just start a new thread about baby oil, budgie-smugglers and improbable tan.
A similar thing appears to have happened RE: Bomber Boys thread (The recent Ewan & Colin McGregor programme).

As I had recorded the show, I decided not to read the thread until after I had watched the programme so as not to spoil my enjoyment, however when I went to read the thread, there was no sign of it.
When I googled it, a link appeared that refers to the "No Thread specified. If you followed a valid link, please notify the administrator" message.


Any ideas?
Also a slip of spam delete post / delete thread. We think the problem might be related to our automated spam system which makes it a bit too easy to get rid of things. I apologise and will look into it.