Missing Thread - GOC

There used to be a thread about a certain verypopular GOC............seems to have been deleted. Have dark forces been at work??? Has Arrse been subverted by Scrotum Burner Agents??? I smell a consipracy.
Busterdog said:
Thank goodness for that!
Agreed. It ran past it's due date
Blimey, hundape, took you long enough, that thread must have been at least 2 years old. If it wasn't the pliers did he threaten to burn your scrotum or was it a mars bar up your "how's yer father"?????? So he is a serving officer, a majority of the posters here are serving, does that mean we can't speak the truth about them???????? everything I posted was 100% kosher and I could produce more witnesses than the Michael Jackson Trial.

I gather that he has gone down like a turd in a swimming pool, I suspect the turd will sue for defamation, ahhh well lucky Herford. I am well rid.
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