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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Kit_Monkey, Aug 29, 2010.

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  1. Britain has a great opportunity to make a big chunk of cash from international visitors during the Olympics in 2012, and the authorities are terrified we're going to ruin everything by sitting in the corner mumbling about the war.

    It's so worried it has issued a guide as to how to avoid offending overseas visitors. So what gems does it offer?

    The guide, issued by Visit Britain, has been written after discovering that Britain is ranked 14th out of 50 in terms of friendly places to visit.

    The advice includes:

    Don't wink at people from Hong Kong - it's considered very rude.
    Don't point your finger at them either, as this gesture is reserved for animals
    Avoid physical contact when first meeting someone from India
    If you are complimented by a Chinese person, deny it
    Don't be offended by Argentinian humour which may attack you for your weight

    Sounds vaguely helpful... although how you are supposed to avoid being offended is a tricky one.

    However, other nonsense in the guide includes:

    Don't snap your fingers at anyone from Belgium - it's considered rude... as if it's OK to snap your fingers in any other polite society without looking like a City Banker getting the bill from a lowlife oik who has the temerity to serve you.
    Don't discuss illegal immigrants with visitors from Mexico... which falls into the category of the blooming obvious.
    and don't ask a Brazilian person about their age... as if everyone else in the world is just dying to tell you how far over the hill they are.

    Shouldn't tourists being brushing up on how not too upset the locals
  2. How do I know if they are from Hong Kong.........................................? Hong Kong, Korea, China, Japan........... They all look the same to me.........................
  3. I think it's you who's missing the point. The point is, we want them to come here and spend their money because we need their money. Really, really badly.

    The bloke with the money doesn't need manners. The bloke who wants the money does need to make sure the bloke with the money wants to spend it.
  4. They'll be taking cover every time a Filipino goes past.
  5. Furry Muff but I also read once that if you bow to a Japanese person they may find it offensive because it is their custom and they know it is not yours. They think you are taking the pish.

    Maybe following this advice would make matters worse..............?

    When in Rome.
  6. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Burn it to the ground, rape all the women and pilage the temples. Least thats what my gre,great,great,great etc etc Grandad, Atilla the slighty annoyed did on his summer holidays in about 450AD.
  7. Why don't we just stop them at the airport, clear their bank account and fly them back home.
  8. Can't say I've ever found bowing to Japanese to cause a problem. Most folk around the world seem able to recognise friendly intent well enough, even if you're not quite right in the detail.

    I never understood the 'Rome' saying. Does it mean we should shout excitably and wave our arms around at all occasions, cause massive traffic jams with our appalling lack of road sense and surrender at the first opportunity?
  9. No, it means you ride around with a mate on a scooter and steal women's handbags!
  10. We drink European beer, eat Indian, Chinese and Turkish food, watch Amercian sitcoms and South American footballers on our Japanese built TV's, gave apologies to Africa, gave half the world its independence and the other half passports.

    What more do they want us to do to avoid giving offence??
  11. Backwards. Or is that with tanks shouting we surrender? Oh I'm all confused now.
  12. Stop taking it for things like them not serving egg and chips?
  13. I have read and re-read this. Can you try to re-phrase it please because I cannot make sense of it. Cheers.
  14. Would make sense if I were visiting their gaff certainly, but I don't think that's the issue.. Besides as an expat I have to suffer all manner of wholesome, healthy food and do so without a word of complaint - even though all I really want is beef dripping on toast and some raw black pudding.
  15. If we want foreigners to stop giving offence, we could start by not taking offence at them not doing things the way we do. They're foreigners after all, what's wrong with expecting them to do things a bit differently? They're only coming here for a holiday, after all. It's not like they have to pass the citizenship test.