Missing Teen found safe....No wonder shes ugly

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by theiftaker, Feb 8, 2009.

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  1. She's a sweet rig!


    It must be gutting to be so minging that you can't even get an Albanian truck driver to roll a carpet around your lifeless corpse, then dump you on the hard shoulder of the M6.
  2. Female......CHECK

    Surely, there's a Squaddie out there..............
  3. she does look a bit off though. kind of a cross breed...

    either her parents were siblings or they were both downies
  4. In this town probably both.
  5. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Those eyes don't quite point in the same direction, do they? Double chin at 16, rest of her must be a lard arse too
  6. Looks like she's from Parr . . . or Sutton Manor. Inbreds from livershitholepool!
  7. Sent shivers down me spine that, you lot mentioning St Helens, Parr & Sutton Manor.............. ffs ! you'll be talking about Leigh & Tyldesley next, which will mean that you have gone too far down the road of sickness & depravity.

    And please do not mention Runcorn or Widnes, where all locals share just two surnames...
  8. Are you an officer, is your map reading really so shite? Parr and Sutton Manor are in St.Helens not Liverpool.

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  9. The clue is the high forehead.This is caused by cousins having children.
  10. To quote the great Frankie Boyle "it goes to show what I always say, the ugly ones turn up alive".
  11. To be honest... I'd do it after a few beers. But only if I was gagging for a fcuk.

    Which is most of the time, come to think of it.
  12. Christ! I thought she was really ugly, then I realised the article was in a St. Helens local paper, and to be honest, she's one of the better ones...
  13. charloote church has let herself go a bit, has'nt she????
  14. A teen ? she looks like a 30 year old crack whore on death row - reminds me of that aileen wournos

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