Missing skiff definition!

Ye gods! I just nipped into the Urban Dictionary (link) to see if there was a really good definition of "skiff" existed so that I could explain it to a foreign civvy friend via e-mail. I was hoping for a disgusting MDN/Cuts-esque piece with which to disgust my mate, but this is all I found:

1. skiff
A very light covering
a skiff of snow fell over-night
Source: Jerry Wiebe, Mar 20, 2003
I'm very disappointed with you chaps, particularly you nasty botty-wordsmiths that congregate around the Naafi at night to sniff the bar stools that ladies have just been sitting on: there's just not enough military slang of the disgusting type in the Dictionary! Something Must Be Done! I shall leave it to your initiative as to what this something should be... :twisted:

As a little taster as to what does exist, here's something military that was posted by one of our resident lady's gym bike seat fondlers:

1. clamjouster
A lady, often but not uniquely, of Catholic education who engages in the time honoured Girls' School pastime of clamjousting. It is the noble martial art of clam-to-clam combat, where one girl grinds her clam against her opponent's. (aka Tribadism)

The collective noun is 'TILT' (From the medieval tournaments consisting of a number of jousts.)
"A tilt of clamjousters"

See also: boxgrazer, dieseldyke, mingeeta, rugmuncher, WRAC.
"That dorm has seen so much clamjousting the matresses squelch with fannybatter"
Source: Cutaway, Aug 17, 2004

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