Missing SJARs

Discussion in 'Reports & Promotion' started by squiddlydiddly, Aug 8, 2011.

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  1. I have been made aware of a soldier who is missing two SJARs, the individual doesn't work in the same dept as me anymore.
  2. I would be surprised if MCM Div has "okayed" this...
  3. This sounds a bit strange to me, every soldier should get an SJAR unless there are very unusual circumstances and these don't appear to fit the bill. I assume that this individual is "acting up" a rank in some way - this is exactly the time when you would normally write a report based on that fact to get them their substantive rank using words along the lines of "Cpl X is currently doing a Sgt's job and playing a blinder - promote him/her now!" Alternatively it might be that "ASgt X" isn't actually up to it and the report might say "He/she had a go but couldn't actually make a go of it" but then you would have to ask why they were still in that particular post and why it wasnt dealt with at their mid-year appraisal...

    The problem is that with 2 years' worth of missing reports they may never get promoted!

    If the individual hasn't had an OC's interview with 1RO yes they should - if they have and still don't understand why they aren't getting reports, they shold go and see their RCMO.
  4. I agree it sounds strange, there is a history of missing SJARs/late OJARs from this dept which is pretty crap to be honest. 1RO has now left (and is spineless in any case), I will advise the soldier to speak to the RCMO. The subject picked up on the board and was posted in two years ago but has yet to complete PNCO course etc.
  5. PM sent...
  6. If this is correct then undoubtedly the soldier should submit a service complaint - ring the widely publicised number to obtain guidance as to how.

    I would advise a little caution however, insofar as there are often reasons why soldiers may believe they have 'missed' reports when in fact they have not. For example an advanced report followed by one which is delayed (both to the maximum degree) can result in a legitimate 18 months long reporting period. Just a thought - the soldier must read and absorb the rules completely if they are to complain from a solid base however even one 'missing' report is not acceptable so there does (on the face of things) appear to be a good case.