Missing rig worker found after two days


Sounds well dodgy..


SOP when someone goes missing on a ship (as opposed to seen going over the side) is a 'thimblehunt'. For exercise, the subject usually gets himself well and truely hidden and the exercise drags on. In reality, a search sticks to the places the subject would likely go in the course of his duties or other lawful occasions. Not found, assume he's overboard.

From the BBC link in post one,

He was discovered in a store room with a broken leg and back injuries.

Mr McGonigle was eventually found on board the boat by a fellow crew member at about 2200 GMT on Sunday, stowed away in what is considered a normally inaccessible space above a roof panel.

What at first sounds like a contradiction may actually mean he was in a void above the storeroom. Well hidden. Can one fall up?

Rations, broken leg and back injuries? Sounds well dodgy as Ord Sgt says. Police involvement speaks volumes.
From the bits we have seen I formed opinion that he was being assaulted on the ship (well, he was from NI). Had hidden himself away.


Aberdeen Press and Journal 19 Dec 06

Detective Chief Inspector Mark Cooper said the police were pleased Mr McGonigle had been found on the ship and he was not missing overboard as had been feared.

He also said there was no criminal aspect to the incident and the inquiry had been concluded with no charges brought.

However, as in all cases of missing persons who are traced, Mr McGonigle was spoken to by police at ARI yesterday.

Last night the company was unable explain the circumstances behind his disappearance.

Strange things happen at sea.

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