Missing Person?

ACTION-LOAD-SABOT does anyone have a direct email for ALS as we recently got in touch after 35 years and were PMing each other then his messages just stopped.I have also noticed he has`nt posted for ages.Hope all is well with him.
His first name rhymes with Tankie and his surname is a large yellow fruit. Thanks in anticipation, Scouse

I am still here but some smartarse IT polis barsteward with nothing better to do all day than check what we access online at work noticed that i had spent the best part of three days on the forums.........and i now can't get access!!!!!!!!! Afraid the ARSSE hits all our IT barriers.

Bloody cheek I think, I mean what else do you honest taxpayers expect us civil servants to do all day' surely not work. Credit to all who tried to ID me, with the handle I was born with I have heard them all over the years.

Anyway problem I have now is accessing at home as my youngest daughter normally has her fingers glued to the keyboard and I can't get a look in. Will try and catch up at the weekend.
Good to hear you are still alive mate,I was beginning to wonder! What a cheek stopping you access arrse in work,what`ll they come up with next? Make you work for a living.

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