Missing Person?

Discussion in 'RAC' started by saltashscouse, Mar 28, 2008.

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  1. ACTION-LOAD-SABOT does anyone have a direct email for ALS as we recently got in touch after 35 years and were PMing each other then his messages just stopped.I have also noticed he has`nt posted for ages.Hope all is well with him.
    His first name rhymes with Tankie and his surname is a large yellow fruit. Thanks in anticipation, Scouse
  2. Wankie Grapefruit?! :omfg: Did his parents hate him?!

    Sorry - couldn't resist! :D
  3. Wankie Mellon?
  4. Hankie Banana, then?
  5. Spankie Mutant Lemon
  6. Stinkie Citrus Medica Sarcodactylus?
  7. Stinkie...Tankie? Where did you learn to Rhyme Airfix? you are a Plankie!
  8. Ahhhh, you mean old Lankie Carambola!!!

    Haven't seen him in ages!

  9. Me no Stinkie,
    Me no Tankie,
    They both do rhyme
    You Wankie Plankie!

  10. Scouse, You do have the right guy, contact me and I will put you in touch with him!
  11. Friendlybear check your pm box as I sent you a pm last week. Cheers Scouse
  12. Saltash,

    I am still here but some smartarse IT polis barsteward with nothing better to do all day than check what we access online at work noticed that i had spent the best part of three days on the forums.........and i now can't get access!!!!!!!!! Afraid the ARSSE hits all our IT barriers.

    Bloody cheek I think, I mean what else do you honest taxpayers expect us civil servants to do all day' surely not work. Credit to all who tried to ID me, with the handle I was born with I have heard them all over the years.

    Anyway problem I have now is accessing at home as my youngest daughter normally has her fingers glued to the keyboard and I can't get a look in. Will try and catch up at the weekend.
  13. Good to hear you are still alive mate,I was beginning to wonder! What a cheek stopping you access arrse in work,what`ll they come up with next? Make you work for a living.