Missing OTC guy in Peru - Help Please

Discussion in 'Travel' started by skinhead, Aug 9, 2007.

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  1. David Dieppe was on holiday in Peru, with the Oasis travel company and went missing on Tuesday evening (1900 local 7 Aug) from the coastal village of Chala (390m south of Lima) and has not been seen since.

    David is a student at Nottingham University, in the OTC and is aiming for either the Army or the Royal Marines. He has already shown his determination by treking 150miles across the Saraha last year (http://www.bbc.co.uk/nottingham/content/articles/2006/03/25/sand_marathon_feature.shtml)
    and in this years Polar Challange.

    David is 22, 5'10", caucasian, dark short hair, slim and very fit.

    We have no idea what may have happened to David but if anyone is in the area please keep your eyes and ears open, thank you.

  2. David did not just Trek across the Sahara; he took part in the Marathon des Sables a very gruelling business indeed. His parents are distraught and have hired some local rescue org to have a look for him. If any one has any chums working in the area could they ask if anyone has seen or heard anything. If you do get any info PM me and I will make sure it is passed on to his parents. He was hoping to go to Sandhurst next year, or so I am told by his aunt.

    Those of you of a religeous nature might like to slip in a prayer for David.

  3. Had one offer of help. Thanks for the pm. Does anyone know any of the Defence staff down there at the embassy. The FCO are being their usual helpful selves. Thought I might try the DA.
  4. Cant help with looking for him or details of the area but hope everything goes well for the lad and theres a good outcome.
  5. Hopefully he's just having a good time and forgotten to contact people...... :relax:

    All the best and hope he is found soon and all is well.
  6. Sorry, cant help but I hope everything turns out well
  7. Can someone give this a"bump" Mon am if the guy is still missing?
  8. Still missing will bump Monday as well.

    Thanks for the messages will pass them on.
  9. You need to contact the Consular Section in Lima. Call the Duty Officer, telno on this page Consular Section Lima, There is also an email address on same page. Basically they will act as link between family and local police, who I presume have been alerted.

    Best of luck,

  10. Thats what I thought but they state that they cannot do that. They are specifically only allowed to put you in contact with a lawyer and will not act as a conduit for info. I have sent an e-mail and am trying to get intouch with the DA who might have contacts in the units in the area where David disappeared.

    Thanks for your help though. It is all a bit miserable here at the moment as you can imagine! :(
  11. If you're going through hell, keep going.
    ~ Winston Churchill

    Please pass on my best wishes to David's family. My thoughts are with them and my fingers are crossed that David returns to them, safe and well, without delay.
  12. Thanks Dozy! I will.