Missing Mr Bill Mclaren

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by greyfergie, Feb 23, 2013.

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  1. I appreciate that it was a slight cluster this afternoon in Italy when Jonathon Davies had to take over the commentry when his "Professional" went AWOL with a dicky stomach. [I thought he did a pretty good job though]. but God I still miss Mr "Leaping like a Salmon" Mclaren.................

    I can't think of a single commentator that doesn't irritate... you?
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  2. Guscott = ******.

    Moore = gobby ******.
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  3. Claire Balding is OK & she does research her stuff.

    Gary Lineker should be hung by the balls & then have each limb cut off by a very blunt & rusty knife.
    A complete over paid, under par ****** of the highest order, allegedly.
  4. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Bill McLaren was a one-off and it is a tad unfair to compare anyone with him.

    Mind you, Eddie Butler is an annoying twat!
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  5. Stuart Barnes although can be like Marmite for some.
  6. Jonathan Davies. Nobody ever played as well, in either code, as Jonathan Davies.

    According to Jonathan Davies.
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  7. Jonathan Davies = TWAT

    I quite enjoy Brian Moore, he calls it as he sees it
  8. I think there might be a bit of tribalism here but I simply have to swop the names. Brian Moore is the most biased thing on the planet and because he's a solicitor he love using long words, often in an inappropiate context ~ he's worse than Hilda Ogden!
  9. Agree on the first bit ~ they broke the mould.

    And yes he is a twat, lives in my town and often tempted to runhim over and do the sport a favour. Enjoy a lot of his other "journalism" though ........
  10. Stuart Hall's commentary touches me in a certain way.

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  11. Love it!
  12. The reason I OP'd was because I've discovered a minor channel called ESPN classic, which is free even if you don't subscribe to Sky sports ~ they've been showing old [and I mean OLD!] reruns of six and five nations matches with the great Mclaren commentating on quite a few of them. He was a master, but what amazed me was how un~biased he was. He was polite, respectful, complementary etc etc even if the team was beating his own, obvious, nation ~ a total gentleman.... Totally Un~biased which is the bit I hate about modern commentators [Moore and Butler being the worst!] ~ they simply can't help themselves...... Its just become so parochial and partisan theat the gentlemanlyness bit is sadly missing.
  13. I like Moore & Butler's commentary even if at times they're so biased it's beyond absurd. Guscott I can't ******* stand. Davies while he waffles some shit is pretty harmless.

    In hindsight I miss McLaren's style of commentary though some of his similes I'd audibly groan at.
  14. I miss him too the galloping giraffe comments were ace! I realyy cannot stand Adrain Chiles, he needs his tongue ripped out and his face exchanged.
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  15. Bill McLaren was very biased imho. Cliff Morgan was the best. I don't understand why they need 6 people at every match to state the bleedin' obvious. They seem to be biased towards Engerland even when not playing well or playing dirty. Ireland never or hardly ever gets a mention unless it's a negative comment. Need to shake em up like they have on Channel 4 racing where they have cut out alot of dead wood and at the end of racing there unsuccessful/successful bets are shown.