missing mess presentations????????

does anyone happen to know where the offrs,w0s and sgts mess swag went to from the jnr leaders regt DOVER went to, as im trying to trace a model of a yacht called BOLEH that was presented to the messes in the early 80s which has mysteriously disappeared??????????


Check with the Mess Sec of the officers and WO/SNCO messes at Brompton. Silver from disbanded units ends up there. BUT it may well have been redistributed to other units over the years. I also recall a "garage sale" of surplus mess property about 10 years ago at Brompton when exisiting units were invited to Brompton to snaffle "surplus" stuff for their own Mess collections. All above board, and the transfers should be documented.

If you have a good description of the piece and still can't find it, then try putting an announcement in the Corps Journal supplement (again through Brompton) or Sapper magazine.
you still on about that fecking dinghy :?: :wink: :?: :wink:

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