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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Mighty_doh_nut, Nov 17, 2003.

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  1. Where are the following, have they vanished?


    None seem to post any longer, are they dead?
  2. Car crashes, suicide, funny farm, re-possessed PCs, jail, etc. Who cares? All I want to know is can I suck Sniper Birds tits when she comes back from Iwacky.
  3. I was at Chez-Rigsby this weekend.

    The new place he's working are PC Nazis. Your not allowed to even visit forums, never mind post. He still reads it from time to time at the weekends, but is obviously off the pace.
  4. BB aint got hold of them has she??? :roll:
  5. Added
  6. You have got o work on your grammar Donut.

    That should read, "Missing their members" and not merely 'missing members. :D
  7. Whatever happened to Terry Collier and Bob Ferris ? They were a couple of likely lads

    What has happened to Ma Sonic ? Been replaced by a dirty dago !!

    Also Foggy Balla? Bought the farm ?
  8. Who the fcuk is this Ma_Sonic guy, whom you all speak so highly of?
  9. Where's whatisname. That numpty who couldn't spell Rupert. MDN will know who I'm on about as we had a ball ripping the piss out of him, about 6-7 months back. Donut, who was that?

    What happened to the TA clown, 'Combat Shadow' he called himself? He was a big pal of Sniper Slags. What a fcking clown that boy was.

    Where's Stained Underpants and his mate Gunners Ringpiece? I know Gunners Ringpiece is up in ******** Bks, . He moved up there with **Bty from *******. He's still alive......in case anybody is interested.

    To be honest I'm glad they have fcuked off. Complete cheesers one and all.
  10. Another one, Lifesaver. Gone........... Is a certain person on ARRSE asking them out on dates, then doing something hooooorible ?
  11. Captain_Crusty

    Captain_Crusty War Hero Reviewer Book Reviewer

    There is no ** Bty now in ******** although there is a ** Regt RA in ******* from whence ** Bty (The Battleaxe Company) RA migrated northwards...

  12. Are they missing members from this site ?
  13. Trog/trogulus. Leanne's inbred friend with the IQ and spolling abilities of a small peruvian llama.
  14. No, doris, unless you were trog/trogulus. Which I don't think you were as he was a bloke and your not. Although, I'm begining to wonder if you might be his mum/sister/auntie/goldfish with a comment like that. :lol: