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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by d2do, Jul 22, 2008.

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  1. I deployed on Telic 2, and the unit I was serving with at the time applied for my medal. I was posted shortly after but still no sign of the medal.
    Five years later and all I can find out is that the medal was issued to the Argylls in October 2006 to the CO, but in getting in touch with them, they deny ever having it.
    I have tried to get it from, the Argylls, Banja Luka metal factory admin office, 46 NI admin office (who told me to buy one of the internet) and my current unit.
    I decided to give my notice to terminate, and on my reasons for leaving I put the fact that the Army can't be bothered to issue it after so long.
    You would have thought that if they were trying to improve retention, they would have completed this simple task.
    However with only 1 week left in the Army and still nosign of the medal, I phoned the admin office, who said it can take a few months to arrive, (not wrong)!!!!
    I was unhappy, so I called the medal office myself, and I have discovered that it again has not been re applied for!!!!
    What should I do? I am tempted to write an email to the CO (who I have written a pleading letter to) stating how they can have the nerve to ask me to re consider my resignation, or go to the newspaper with advice on how to inmprove retention, or contact a local MP.
    I'm notsure if any of these will get me in the pooh, but considering I could only get a week of extras!!!
    Any ideas?
  2. Get in contact with soldier magazine, things get done that way. Be sure to enquire about the medal, they will send it with an 'R' on it as it is a replacement. However, a previous bloke in soldier mag did the same and was issued an original minus 'R'.
  3. Call SPVA and ask them if it has been indented for.