Missing Kit

Okay... Well i'I had just opened up my kit bag from the weekend for drill tonight when I realised my brand spanking new waterproof (the goretex thingy) has dissappeared from my kit bag...

Casting my eyes back, I remember seeing it saturday night when I put my other cs05s away (the goretex wasn't warn and was tucked right at the bottom of my bag). Sunday morning, I found my kit bag had been opened up but I thought little of it (thinking someone had just opened it to see whose it was - our changing room was packed with kit).

So any advice on what I should do? i am 99.9% sure it either fell out mid rummage, or was accidentally picked up by someone else (have already asked around, however), or in the worst case - pinched. I don't want to kick up a fuss by blaming anyone regarding finding my bag open...

If it did go missing, it would have still been in the unit (unless someone picked it up)... I plan on popping into stores to chat to the RQM and explain the problem... But I was wondeirng if you guys have any suggestions regarding missing kit?
There's only ONE thief in the army.

Everybody else is just getting their kit back.
I'd suggest either one of two things has happened - you misplaced it which seems unlikely or someone has stolen it, which given your OP seems more likely. Talk to your DS/CoC who ran the weekend. They could offer up an amnesty for it's return, but in my experience this has little success. I would report it to the RMP - you may find the Gortex wasn't the only thing that went missing!

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